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Homily: Palm Sunday 2015

Readings of the Day I enjoy traveling, especially to a place I haven’t been before. I’ve been around much of the U.S. and have been abroad 3 different times, once to the Holy Land. A group of our students from Avila went to India over spring break, and due to some bad luck, had a […]

Bilbo Baggins and the Arkenstone

The Hobbit is a small book by J.R.R. Tolkien which preceded The Lord of the Rings by several years. Its main character, Bilbo Baggins, is the uncle of Frodo, the hero of sequels, and this adventure of more of a children’s tale than the bigger novel. Having seen the movie trilogy, including a fan edit […]

Homily: 5th Sunday in Lent, Cycle B

Readings of the Day  One day a small boy named Jack was leading a cow down the road. The cow was very thin, because Jack and his mother were very poor and couldn’t keep the cow fed very well. Jack wasn’t very ambitious in life, and he was leading his cow down the road to […]

Homily: 4th Sunday in Lent, Cycle B

Readings of the Day For once, I’d like to tell you a different kind of story, as least different for me. This story happened planet Earth. I’d like to tell you of a Parish Mission, a mission that seemed impossible. It was to a town that was doomed. Local crime was rampant; it was not […]

Homily: 3rd Sunday in Lent, Cycle B

Readings of the Day Spring cleaning: this is a time we clear our yards, grills, cars, houses. Maybe we’re even ready to clear out our dorm rooms after a long winter with the windows closed. The first fresh air of spring is an excellent time to clear our personal space as well as clear our […]

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Today’s Gospel for Thursday of the 2nd Week of Lent was the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). Some Gospels give you goosebumps and others can rattle your bones. This one is a bone rattler. In Jesus’ day, being born into nobility (which purple garments indicate here) and being able to eat […]

Homily: 2nd Sunday in Lent, Cycle B

Readings of the Day I loved watching Poker on television. It’s rather easy to find these days, isn’t it? I love to watch but I don’t play poker. There’s a reason for that: losing money is against my religion. The things that attract me are the strategy of the game and the psychological struggle that […]