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Homily: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Readings of the Day Perhaps the most dramatic scene in the Lord of the Rings is when Minas Tirith’s gates have been broken. They’re fighting in the streets of the city, things are at their darkest, all seems lost, and in the distance, the horns of the North are heard. The Rohirrim have arrived, and […]

Stories I’ve Found, 4/26/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: A prominent Jesuit in Rome sees continuity with Jesuit spirituality in Pope Francis’ approach to the Papacy.  Pope Francis’ preaching style gets unpacked here, including some nice sound bites.  Pope Francis gives his advice on preparing for the Last Judgement: serve the Poor. Tom Erlich asks whether isolation was the […]

The Passion of Hawkeye Pierce

One of my favorite TV series of all time is MASH. I was aghast a few years ago when a TV Guide list of Best TV Series Ever rated Seinfeld above it, but I don’t want to go into that injustice here. I’ve watched every episode multiple times, quote it at will, and even use […]

Homily: Fourth Sunday of Easter

Readings of the Day When I was growing up, we had some sheep. We didn’t have a lot of them, maybe only 30 at the most, but we had a few. They aren’t terribly high maintenance animals, but you have to keep an eye on them. You can’t let them into a wheat field or […]

Stories I’ve Found, 4/19/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: More from Argentina about Pope Francis via John Allen’s recent journey there.  He follows up with some observations about the eight member group of cardinals Pope Francis has chosen to advise him on reforming the Curia. Imam Adbullah Antepli talks about Thinking Is An Act of Worship.  Although I don’t […]

Garden Thoughts

Dave Armstrong made a comment about my review of the Bible Miniseries last week I’d like to react to. My original comment was: The Garden of Eden/Cain and Abel . . .Could we have some better sense why they went wrong? It sets up the whole story, and just saying they disobeyed God isn’t enough. […]

Homily: Third Sunday of Easter

Readings of the Day They were trying to get their home back. After living for years in exile, gathering resources and preparing for a long journey, they were on the road home. However, there was one member they needed for the team: they needed someone who could sneak around, gathering information, pick up loose items. […]