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Johnny Quest

I remember Grandma’s house after school every day watching Johnny Quest in black and white exploring lost worlds listening about Grandpa guarding trains in Siberia and Grandma’s horses getting spooked on Armistice Day when the bells rang they had skills I couldn’t imagine living in those days We visited the Lexington battlefield and heard about […]

Homily: 6th Sunday in Easter, Cycle C

Readings of the Day I think all of us would like to belong to an elite. It’s a heady feeling like nothing else, a connection that makes us feel strong. When I was in college, I joined a fraternity. It wasn’t a social fraternity, it was a professional music fraternity, but we had to do […]

Homily: Fifth Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

Readings of the Day Perhaps the most dramatic scene in the Lord of the Rings is when Minas Tirith’s gates have been broken. They’re fighting in the streets of the city, things are at their darkest, all seems lost, and in the distance, the horns of the North are heard. The Rohirrim have arrived, and […]

Fourth Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

Readings of the Day When I was growing up, we had some sheep. We didn’t have a lot of them, maybe only 30 at the most, but we had a few. They aren’t terribly high maintenance animals, but you have to keep an eye on them. You can’t let them into a wheat field or […]

Homily: Third Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

Readings of the Day On an August evening in 1921, a prominent New York lawyer and politician went to bed with what he thought was a cold caught swimming a couple of days earlier. The next morning, his knees were weak and the next day, he wasn’t able to stand or walk on his own. […]

In The Beginning

In honor of April 1, I submit this bit of humor I first ran across when I was an undergraduate. I swear it was pinned to the bulletin board at CMC (now CMU) around Annual Conference time in the mid-1970s, but I haven’t tracked down its origin. Fortunately, a Google search turned up the content […]

Palm Sunday 2016

Readings of the Day Taking a walk with a friend can be more than exercise. Walking together is a way of sharing spirits. Whatever you see, you see together. Whatever you hear, you hear together. Whatever you encounter, you encounter together. Walking together is an opportunity to talk that is unhurried; there can be great […]


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