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Homily: Fourth Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

Readings of the Day  Do you like how things are looking? Satisfied with things as they are? Then take the blue pill. Life will go on and you won’t see anything that will bother you. Take the red pill? Then everything changes. What you see may not be very pretty, you can see might bother […]

Stories I’ve Found, 3/28/2014

Interesting stories I’ve found: E. J. Donne of the Washington Post covers President Obama’s visit with Pope Francis this week.  A deep piece that calls us not to shoehorn our Pontiff into our particular political issues. Here’s the “official” report on that meeting from Whispers in the Loggia. Christopher Hale has an interesting idea for […]

The Joy of the Gospel, Chapter 3

  This chapter focuses on how to get the Gospel out there, and although it involves preaching it’s not limited to that. The Entire People Proclaims the Gospel (Chapters 110-134) This section is about why we should all be involved in Evangelization. It starts from God and goes to all. It includes all races and […]

Homily: Third Sunday in Lent, Cycle A

Readings of the Day They were soldiers a long way from home on Christmas day. They were at the end of a long series of battles, but they had been successful and their enemies seemed about ready to fall apart. They didn’t think much of their enemies or the country they were serving in: they […]

Stories I’ve Found, 3/21/2014

  I’ve been on the road this week, however here’s some interesting stories I’ve found: A report on the vibrant Catholic life of the Philippines from John Allen, a recent visitor. The possible impact of the Russia/Ukraine conflict on the Orthodox Church.  The history is complex, and the dynamics need to be watched, especially if […]

The Joy of the Gospel, Chapter 2

This section contains a lot of challenges for our societies, economically and culturally. In looking at it, we should keep in mind to consider both the big and the little pictures; the life of the individual, the community, the Church as a whole and human society. Chapter 2 AMID CRISES OF COMMUNAL COMMITMENT (Paragraphs 50-109) […]

Homily: Second Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

Readings of the Day They were three guys who just went to work everyday. They worked hard, but then again everybody in their town worked hard for a living. Their work was a little dangerous, but they were young and they were making a living. One of them was engaged to be married. They weren’t […]