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Stories I’ve Found, 8/30/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: This Religion News Service article reminds us the portions of Dr. King’s “I Hard A Dream” speech that have been left unfulfilled. Omid Safi tries to connect the dots of Martin Luther King’s triple giant of Evil: Racism, Materialism, Militarism I’m not saying anything about Miley Cyrus at the VMA: […]


It was 50 years ago today that the Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta stood on the National Mall in Washington, DC to address one of the largest crowds ever gathered there. The U.S. Government was frightened enough to have elaborate contingency plans in case things got ugly: troops and hospitals were standing […]

Homily: 21 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day There was a guy who lived in New York named Vinny, who seemed to know everybody. A friend of his followed him trying to see if there was anyplace they could go where nobody knew him. Everyplace they went around the neighborhood and around the city there wasn’t a single place […]

Stories I’ve Found, 8/23/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: The Gaspar Virtual Spiritualty Center is open for business.  I’ve been working on this project for the past few months, and we’ll have readings and videos to talk about the founder of our community, St. Gaspar del Bufalo and how his spirituality can help us deepen our faith.  In the […]

A New Year

Is it just me, or does it seem like everything’s starting at once? I got back on the campus calendar last year about this time when I became the Chaplain at Avila University, and it was like coming home. Of course, this is the sixth campus I’ve been associated with in my life, so this […]

Homily: 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day In the 19th Century, there was a man whose friend made a strange bet with him. His friend bet that he could walk across a high wire over Niagara Falls, just like the guy who walked the high wire across the Grand Canyon, but he would be pushing a wheelbarrow full […]

Stories I’ve Found, 8/16/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Last week, I asked you to put the American Legislative Exchange Council on your moral radar. This page provides a lot of data about ALEC’s agenda and which movements are organizing against it. Here’s a topic I was surprised to read about: the proposal that newborns that could have been […]

Homily: The Feast of the Assumption 2013

Readings of the Day  It was a journey through darkness, and Frodo Baggins was feeling down. They were on a dangerous mission, and part of him just wanted to be home, living a quiet life. Gandalf observed that people throughout time who live in dangerous days wish they didn’t have carry this burden, and his […]


What do we want? That’s the great question of our times, and getting what we want the first mission. Whether it’s the perfect cheeseburger, the perfect outfit, the perfect bargain or the perfect body, we’re supposed to lock on that target with laser precision and get there. Atlas Shrugged is a great search by Dagny […]

Homily: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day There was something he needed to get rid of, yet he didn’t want to. It was his precious, something that was useful to him when he wanted to disappear. But he felt worn out, like butter scraped across too much bread, and he needed to get away, to let go of […]