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Stories I’ve Found, 8/31/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately, and some are very interesting: Timothy Dalrymple’s confession, I Am A Hate Filled Christian,  is a powerful self-examination. I could say a lot of this about myself, even though I’m not an Evangelical Christian any longer. A late addition Friday morning after posting this column: an interview with Imam Feisal […]

My Nominee for the Role of AntiChrist

The Apocalypse is coming soon, a lot of people say. About ten years ago, I read the Left Behind series because the effect it had some kids had at the Parish School where I was serving, and worked a lot to understand the series and the worldview of Dispensationalism. I found a chain that had […]

Homily: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day Over a hundred years ago, there was a young wife who had a dilemma just before Christmas. She and her husband were barely making ends meet, and they lived in the days before credit cards. It was time to buy him a Christmas present, and she wanted to give him something […]

Stories I’ve Found 8/24/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately, and it seems to be a bumper crop this week. This story about suicide in the Army hit me right between the eyes yesterday. Why isn’t this story  better known? Circumcisions have been a hot topic in Germany lately due to a local state interpreting the procedure as a criminal […]

In Search of the Right Question

One of my old Old Testament professors, Fr. Leslie Hoppe O.F.M., said his greatest priority was to make sure he was on the Right Question. It puzzled me for a moment, since in academic study the Right Answer would seem to be more important, but he was speaking of something a little broader in scope. […]


Thanks to my friend MaryEllen, I’ve figured out how to do the links so you can click through rather than cut and paste them. I’ve gone through all my posts (thanks goodness I learned this before I got much farther) and updated them to the easier links.  Someday I may willingly join the 21st century […]

Homily: 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for the day Han Solo wasn’t a trustworthy guy. When we first see him, he sitting at a table in a bar with someone, whom he shoots because the guy want him to pay off a debt. He only took on passengers without credentials because he needed money, and he needed to get out […]