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Song of the Wolf

‘Come to the mountains’ is the cry tumbling far and wide over the lower pastures. ‘Come to the mountains’ echoes in the ears of sheep grazing placidly in the sunlight under their collie’s watchful gaze. ‘Come to the mountains, the high pastures await you. Come to the mountains, the dog is not your friend.’ They […]


Why are the flags at Half-Mast again? It was just last week, last month, last year, yesterday, they were lowered. Was it Sutherland Springs, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Charleston, Sandy Hook, Columbine, The World Trade Center? It is there often enough it’s hard to remember when they were at full staff. Do we insist […]

Chaplet of the Precious Blood Reflections

The Chaplet of the Precious Blood is a group of prayers composed by Don Francesco Albertini, a Roman priest who later became a Bishop, around 1808. He wrote this and other prayers for a new lay organization he founded: the Confraternity of the Precious Blood. Later on, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, who were […]

Johnny Quest

I remember Grandma’s house after school every day watching Johnny Quest in black and white exploring lost worlds listening about Grandpa guarding trains in Siberia and Grandma’s horses getting spooked on Armistice Day when the bells rang they had skills I couldn’t imagine living in those days We visited the Lexington battlefield and heard about […]


Will the night never end? Moment to moment I wonder why I’m here. I’m useless, I’m hopeless, I will never get well. Libera Me, Domine de morte aeternae, in die illa tremenda. Quando coeli movendi sunt et terra. I never thought breathing would be this hard, I never thought living would be such work. All […]


Dies Irae, Dies Illa Teste David cum Sybilla Roses in the Western sky again, framed by black, clouds flickering with distant shrill outrage, promise of wind and rain, and I know I will not see the dawn. Nightfall comes in a strange place, far from home. Abandoned, forgotten, lost to all I know. My friends […]


A tree leaf in autumn, barely holding on. November gales rattle me, threaten to shake me free, sending me to the unknown. Threatening to blow me away into nothingness.   I was once firm, held fast once I blossomed on a shining March day, breathing summer fragrance making the tree fertile. A sea of green […]