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Stories I’ve Found, 11/30/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: I thought the crass commercialization of Christmas was a travesty, but these events in Mecca sound infinitely worse. How is it that Paris Hilton can have a store in Mecca if she can’t travel there? Here’s hoping they don’t bulldoze the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to put up […]

The Road to Bethlehem

On Monday, I went to the grocery store, and was greeted with Burl Ives singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer”. As I went through the aisles, my spirits weren’t lifted by that tune or anything else that met my ears. I have nothing personal against Burl or Rudolph: it’s a cute story that I loved […]

Homily: Christ the King Sunday

Readings of the day  Several years ago, I was doing a chaplain training program in a small town in Iowa. It was a hot summer night, and a couple of my classmates and I went down the local theater to see a movie. It wasn’t a movie that I would have gone to see, but […]

Stories I’ve Found, 11/23/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Smack on the forehead time: is it really true the Pope Hates Christmas?  GetReligion unpacks the ignorance of yet another journalist creating a controversy when there isn’t one.  Almost every scholar since the Middle Ages knows the estimate of Christ’s birth our calendar is based upon is wrong, and this […]

The Warrior Code

The Warrior Code is something we’ve discussed in one form or another since human beings could talk, I guess. When each of the Gulf Wars started, Just War theory hit the popular radar for a brief period of time. In many churches these days, including the Catholic Church, Culture War has been a topic, especially […]

Homily: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings for the Day  It seemed that all hope was lost. They knelt on a stairway while a troll was beating on the gate; the enemy was about to break in. When they did, they’d fight to the last warrior, then all they knew and cared for would be gone, history. It was a tense […]

Stories I’ve Found, 11/16/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Pope Benedict XVI makes some excellent observations about the nature of faith. Faith isn’t just an intellectual proposition, and this idea is more striking coming from a career theology professor. Mark Silk believes the U.S. Catholic Bishops embarrassed themselves at their Baltimore meeting this week.  I’ll leave the decision to […]

The Cost of Entertainment

What price are we willing to pay for entertainment? It varies; hopefully we’re not spending the rent money or depriving ourselves of anything basic in our lives for it. There is more than monetary cost to entertainment: a cost to our integrity as good people and people of Faith, and the cost to others. On […]

Homily: 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings for the Day  I’ve enjoyed watching poker on TV from time to time. Haven’t played it much myself; losing money is against my religion. The psychological drama of the game is interesting: seeing who’s bluffing and who has the best hand, who’s miscalculated his opponents and who gets the right read on them. The […]

Stories I’ve Found, 11/9/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Inerrancy: I Think Someone Forgot to Tell the Bible by Peter Enns is a good exploration of the issue of Biblical Inerrancy.  It’s something Catholics usually aren’t dealing with, since we can generally live without Biblical Inerrancy, but it’s something important to grasp now and then so we don’t go […]