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Stories I’ve Found, 11/30/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: I thought the crass commercialization of Christmas was a travesty, but these events in Mecca sound infinitely worse. How is it that Paris Hilton can have a store in Mecca if she can’t travel there? Here’s hoping they don’t bulldoze the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to put up […]

The Road to Bethlehem

On Monday, I went to the grocery store, and was greeted with Burl Ives singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer”. As I went through the aisles, my spirits weren’t lifted by that tune or anything else that met my ears. I have nothing personal against Burl or Rudolph: it’s a cute story that I loved […]

Homily: Christ the King Sunday

Readings of the day  Several years ago, I was doing a chaplain training program in a small town in Iowa. It was a hot summer night, and a couple of my classmates and I went down the local theater to see a movie. It wasn’t a movie that I would have gone to see, but […]

Stories I’ve Found, 11/23/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Smack on the forehead time: is it really true the Pope Hates Christmas?  GetReligion unpacks the ignorance of yet another journalist creating a controversy when there isn’t one.  Almost every scholar since the Middle Ages knows the estimate of Christ’s birth our calendar is based upon is wrong, and this […]

The Warrior Code

The Warrior Code is something we’ve discussed in one form or another since human beings could talk, I guess. When each of the Gulf Wars started, Just War theory hit the popular radar for a brief period of time. In many churches these days, including the Catholic Church, Culture War has been a topic, especially […]

Homily: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings for the Day  It seemed that all hope was lost. They knelt on a stairway while a troll was beating on the gate; the enemy was about to break in. When they did, they’d fight to the last warrior, then all they knew and cared for would be gone, history. It was a tense […]

Stories I’ve Found, 11/16/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Pope Benedict XVI makes some excellent observations about the nature of faith. Faith isn’t just an intellectual proposition, and this idea is more striking coming from a career theology professor. Mark Silk believes the U.S. Catholic Bishops embarrassed themselves at their Baltimore meeting this week.  I’ll leave the decision to […]