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Homily: Sixth Sunday of Easter, Cycle A 2020

Readings of the Day Is help going to get here in time? The people of Minas Tirith wondered this as they were besieged by Mordor: their neighbors the Rohirrim promised to ride to their assistance when called, but they had problems of their own, and it seemed unlikely they would arrive. The darkness was […]

Homily: Fourth Sunday of Easter, Cycle A, 2020

Readings of the Day I grew up around Higginsville, Missouri and I spent about half my childhood on a small farm: about 40 acres, a weekend farm. We put in a field of wheat some years, and had pigs, chickens, geese, dogs and sheep. It wasn’t a huge flock, I don’t think we ever had […]

Homily: Third Sunday of Easter, Cycle A 2020

Readings of the Day Going home is something almost all wanderers yearn for. It doesn’t even have to be physical wandering: over the past month or so, we’ve been out of our comfort zone, out of our normal lives as we’ve coped with isolation. It’s reasonable we’d like things to go back to normal, to […]

Homily: Second Sunday in Easter, Cycle A, 2020

Readings of the Day Recently I read an article speculating what it would have been like if the coronavirus struck in 2005. We had the Internet, of course, as well as e-mail, Facebook, and many ways to keep in contact with each other, but the virtual gatherings which have become a part of our lives […]

Homily: Easter Sunday 2020

Readings of the Day The story of the empty tomb is like no other. There are details that appear in other myths from around the Mediterranean, divine beings that come back from death every spring, gods who take on human form for a time, but nothing like our main story today. No other culture I’m […]

Fifth Sunday in Lent, Cycle A

Readings of the Day Bethany is nothing like it used to be. When I stayed in the Holy Land, my home away from home was a convent that was just up the hill from Lazarus’ tomb. There’s a church there now, of course, and the tomb is a short distance from it. Across the street […]

Fourth Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

Readings of the Day. Mr. Anderson was an ordinary guy for the most part. A brilliant computer programmer, someone who could do almost anything at a keyboard. Things were great, but he had this feeling something wasn’t quite right. There was something to reality he didn’t understand, some purpose he had that was lost on […]