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Stories I’ve Found, 1/31/2014

Interesting Stories I’ve Found: Men of God literally putting their lives on the line for peace: Orthodox priests stand between riot police and protesters in the Ukraine.  A quick look at the state of the Catholic Church in China, which is bad, very bad. This rundown by John Allen of Catholic life in Rome and […]

Tipping Points

Last week, I explored what it would take for a basic, frugal, no-frills working person’s life: a description of what it would take to be one of the “virtuous poor.” How much virtuous poverty costs makes a difference, and what can wreck it means a lot as well. It’s not possible to make life fool-proof: […]

Homily: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reading of the Day Once there was a young man who had a difficult situation to control. There was a riot going–in a church. There was an election for a high church office going on at the cathedral, and the people were so divided and unable to come to a solution peacefully that it threatened […]

Stories I’ve Found, 1/24/2014

Interesting Stories I’ve Found: Cardinals of the Catholic Church don’t call each other out in public very often, but it’s happened this week. Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, the head of the special council of 8 formed by Pope Francis, had some sharp words for (soon to be) Cardinal Gerhard Mueller of the Congregation of the […]

Finding the Floor

“You can’t fall off the floor” is a classic anonymous quote, and it’s also said it takes us the first two years of our lives to learn this. What’s probably missed is there is a floor: we generally assume it’s there but someone has to build it. I know the ground was here first, and […]

Homily: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A

Readings of the Day In the past couple of years I’ve been reading a comic on the Internet on occasion: Coffee With Jesus. Well, I check it out when one of my friends puts it on Facebook.  It’s just four frames, and a group of stock characters rotate through to ask questions or make comments […]

Stories I’ve Found, 1/17/2014

  Interesting Stories I’ve Found: Four New Echoes in the ‘Francis Revolution’: John Allen brings up more new stories about the remarkable Pope.  In his Friday column he covers the Vatican’s appearance before the UN Committee on the child abuse scandal in Geneva, and Pope Francis’ old friend, a rabbi from Buenos Aires, who came […]

Signing Your Life Away

Did Phil Robertson sign his life away to A & E when he agreed to make the reality show, Duck Dynasty? Some of the private thoughts expressed at the time took that viewpoint: he undoubtedly signed a contract that included a prohibition against hate speech in public. However, freedom of speech indicates a person should […]

Homily: Baptism of the Lord, Cycle A

Readings of the Day In the early times of the Roman Republic, the 5th Century BCE, the city was in great danger while fighting tribes who lived nearby. The Republic was headed by two elected officials called consuls who presided over the Senate, however in times of trouble when there was need to national unity […]

Stories I’ve Found, 1/10/2014

Interesting Stories I’ve Found: In this eventful year, it’s hard to imagine any story about the Catholic Church being under reported in 2013. John Allen has found five of them, and each are worth reading.  On Monday, he picked up another great batch of Papal headlines. Of course, when John Allen moves to the Boston […]