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Frighteningly Awful Classics

Halloween is today, and folks are celebrating in appropriately spooky ways. I don’t get bothered by all this being a lead in for serious witchcraft and Satanism: God understands when we’re playing make believe and I don’t think can ever accidentally consign ourselves to Hell because the sinful intention isn’t there. Go ahead and disagree […]

Homily: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings for the Day  A few years ago there was a movie about a man named Thomas Anderson. He was special, but he didn’t know how special he was. People started chasing him, wanted to corner him and make him work for them, especially a bunch of guys who wore sunglasses. One day he got […]

Stories I’ve Found, 10/26/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Dietrich Bonhoffer has profound words on The Nature of Leadership.  Although Bonhoffer was thinking of Hitler when he offered these thoughts, they are relevant to anyone in authority today. True humility is in short supply these days, particularly from those who would lead us now. Peter Enns’ 10 Reasons I Don’t […]

Sacred Space, Sacred Silence

Where does Sacred Space begin? Is it a physical space, set aside for prayer and contemplation? A place where we are asked to keep silence, except in those times we join our voices together? There are many places we can pray: in our homes, at our work, on the road, on the Lakes and in […]

Homily: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were God? It would be kinda nice, could really set a few things straight in the world.  I bet you could, too.  However, I don’t do that often, at least not seriously, but stories and movies about the idea have […]

Stories I’ve Found, 10/19/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: This WordPress blog will follow everything that happened 50 years ago at Vatican II day by day. I was only seven when it started, and my agenda in those days was Second Grade.   The Get Religion blog reviews an article about the holiest place in Greece: Mount Athos.  Capturing […]

Gaspar del Bufalo, Missionary

On October 21. 1808, at the church of St. Nicolas in Chains in Rome, a newly ordained priest preached a sermon on the Precious Blood at the foundation of a new lay community: the Confraternity of the Most Precious Blood. It was a surprise this young man was chosen, although he’d already proved himself a […]