Monthly Archives: July 2013

Living for Late Night Pizza

There’s some things that don’t change over the years. Here’s a story that could have happened when I was a college student, and did from time to time: A college student spends a full day and evening working on many things to improve themselves and their prospects: classes, assignments, professional clubs, studying. Believing in efficient […]

Homily: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day He was a kid with a dream. As the holiday season approached, he knew just want he wanted for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB gun. Ralphie was set on his dream no matter what anyone else told him, and everyone from Santa to his Teacher to his Mother told him the […]

Stories I’ve Found, 7/26/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Pope Francis visits a slum in Rio and denounces the “culture of selfishness and individualism” that perpetuate poverty.  John Allen goes deeper into this story and Pope Francis’ message.  Whispers in the Loggia has the entire text of this talk in a July 25 post. Amanda Greene of Religion News […]

Goof Off Time

When I was in college, I played the viola in the orchestra for three years. Our orchestra had excellent wind and percussion sections, since the band program was strong, but most of us in the string sections had been on our third or forth instruments a couple of years, so we had a great challenge […]

Homily: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day He was a hard working man, a good man of business. For years, he and his partner prospered, and their work ethic was impeccable. He was frugal; he didn’t go in for creature comforts, didn’t overheat his office or home in the winter, and probably didn’t worry too much about the […]

Stories I’ve Found, 7/19/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: In the wake of the Treyvon Martin case, this article from the Tampa Bay Times yields some disturbing consequences of “Stand Your Ground” laws; I was shocked to hear people are provoking confrontation in order to justify shooting the unarmed, and not being prosecuted. Would Jesus say: “Stand Your Ground”? […]

Papal Humility

With Pope Francis’ election in March, the world has been overwhelmed by his humility and simplicity. The distance of six months can help us reflect a little bit on what started it: Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation announcement of February 11, and two big actions indicate that Benedict’s humility is also profound, calling for meditation on […]