Monthly Archives: December 2012

Homily: Holy Family

Readings of the Day  During this time of the year when we celebrate Christmas, one of the benefits is that we get to see our relatives again. Well, for most of us it’s a benefit. Family is important, even though we live in a time when we fear the erosion of families, and a lack […]

Stories I’ve Found, 12/28/2012

This is the Fourth Day of Christmas, so a collection of stories related to Christmas (mostly): A classic Christmas tale by Bill Vaughn from the Kansas City Star.  This story isn’t told often enough. Some Q and A about the Christmas story from experts gathered by Religion News Service. These aren’t final pronouncements, but good […]

Homily: Christmas Midnight

Readings of the Day We’re at the end of a long journey tonight. Tonight is different! The long season of waiting is over. Christmas is here! After four weeks of Advent anticipation, about six weeks of concerts and holiday specials, over three months of Christmas catalogs, dozens of Christmas parties, and an endless number of […]

December 24: Are We Ready?

Are we sure we’re ready? –The trees are up –The gifts are bought –The lights are liturgical Are we sure we’re ready? –The dates are marked –The plans are made –The food’s in the fridge Are we sure we’re ready? Ready to be different? Ready to live another way? Ready to change our thinking not […]

Homily: 4th Sunday of Advent

Readings of the Day  Choices. We all have choices, and the choices we make have an impact on what happens. What we choose matters. What we choose can affect the people around us; what we choose can affect the world around us; what we choose can affect the fate of the world. I’ve been a […]

Stories I’ve Found, 12/21/2012

For those of us who’ve survived the End of the World so far, some interesting stories I’ve found: In the light of last week’s tragedy in Newtown, Conneticut, Rev. Emily Hughes offers excellent advice on dealing with the unexpected death of children. This is good advice in dealing with grief of any kind. “We reaffirm […]

Something From Nothing?

In the beginning there was nothing. Then nothing happened to nothing which caused nothing to happen. Then nothing created everything. Anonymous Sure, makes sense to me. Of course, science says something comes from nothing on its own, because that had to happen and the proof is that we’re here, no other reason needed. Right, certainly. […]