Homily: Palm Sunday 2015

Readings of the Day

I enjoy traveling, especially to a place I haven’t been before. I’ve been around much of the U.S. and have been abroad 3 different times, once to the Holy Land. A group of our students from Avila went to India over spring break, and due to some bad luck, had a journey home that was almost as much of a great adventure.

The most special thing about traveling is who you travel with. Going on a journey brings us together with folks in a new and different way, and if the journey is special enough, can bind us for life, like the Fellowship of the Ring or Star Trek. We know who we’ve traveled with.

Jesus travels with us. This is a reality every time we share the Eucharist: the Body and Blood of Christ becomes part of our body, our blood. He calls us to journey with Him this week. Today, we started with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event that transcends time and space. This morning people gathered at Bethpage on the Mount of Olives, in Rome with Pope Francis; people gather around the world is an almost continuous green line hailing Christ as our King. It’s a procession that started 2,000 years ago and in some ways has never stopped.

Today we walk with Jesus. We go from triumph to dinner, doubt, betrayal, abandonment, condemnation, humiliation and death. Jesus goes through every pain of ours, traverses every sorrow. Today our journey ends with a tomb. Next Sunday, it begins with a tomb.


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