It’s been a year and a half since I lost my left leg, and a year ago I published a post to break a silence and offer some reflections on my journey. It seems a good time to update what’s going on in my life, and a lot of what I had to say a […]

Readings of the Day They were a despised group in society. People thought their beliefs were stupid and their presence endangered the state. Their attitudes toward common morality were hostile, and some of them flagrantly defied authority. They were also a secretive group: many rumors circulated about what their believed and what they did, and […]

What yeast do you use? One of my hobbies was bread making, I even had a stand mixer to help with the dough, but I’ve made many, many loaves by hand. It can be a very prayerful exercise, and it’s better than almost any bread you can buy. The only problem I had was I […]

Readings of the Day Good morning, how are you? Oh, I’m just fine. Hoping for some good weather this week, last week was a real hassle, wasn’t it? Well, I don’t know how well the Royals are going to play this year, we’re always hoping for the best. It’s like a ritual. We aren’t talking […]

For many years, I’ve been writing original music, my doctoral dissertation was an original opera. After that, my writing was for practical use: I wrote little pieces to use as a choir director. Later on when I entered religious life, I wrote hymns and litanes for my Precious Blood community. However, my heart has always […]

Readings of the Day One Sunday about a century ago, a promising young lawyer stood in front of a church. He was not Christian, but he had been raised in a Christian culture and had a great love for the Sermon on the Mount, which we have read part of the past two weeks. He […]

Readings of the Day It never failed: when I was in school and went to class prepared, stuck my hand in the air when the teacher asked the question, they called on someone else. It was particularly painful when the person they called on didn’t have the right answer. What was worse was when I […]