Readings of the Day It was many years ago, that a young man went to college for the first time–me. There were many things I remember about it: the confusion of making sure that we had everything, my mom and sister crying because I was the first one going off to college, the excitement of […]

Robert Christian of the website Millennial Journal tweeted a quote from Dietrich von Hildebrand’s book Transformation in Christ which made an immediate impression on me. From the quality of the quote, I think this tome will go on my reading list because I think explorations of healthy humility are long overdue. “Humility is the opposite, […]

Readings of the Day At the beginning of the school year, we have to cope with lines. Well, we have to cope with lines almost everywhere we go: the DMV, the movie theater, the fast food store, etc. I remember some colossal lines when I first went to college, and when I went to graduate […]

Readings of the Day It was a journey through darkness, and Frodo Baggins was feeling down. They were on a dangerous mission, and part of him just wanted to be home, living a quiet life. Gandalf observed that people throughout time who live in dangerous days wish they didn’t have carry this burden, and his […]

Readings of the Day In the 19th Century, there was a man whose friend made a strange bet with him. His friend bet that he could walk across a high wire over Niagara Falls pushing a wheelbarrow full of bricks. The guy was a bit concerned about the bet, but he made it, and made […]

Readings of the Day There was something he needed to get rid of, yet he didn’t want to. It was his precious, something that was useful to him when he wanted to disappear. But he felt worn out, like butter scraped across too much bread, and he needed to get away, to let go of […]

Readings of the Day It was the end of a long journey, but they got the prize. Indiana Jones had found the Holy Grail after navigating several obstacles, meeting the Guardian of the Grail, and choosing the right one wisely from the many possibilities. He was able to get to his wounded father in time […]


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