Readings of the Day When I was in graduate school in music, there was a quote from Charlie Parker that struck me, even though I’ve never played jazz. It went: “You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that […]

Readings of the Day They were a couple of guys climbing a mountain. That wasn’t remarkable on itself, but the air was full of sulphur, smoke and grit, they were surrounded by a desert: they were climbing a volcano. Why would they do that? To get rid of something, the great Ring, source of Evil […]

Readings of the Day Han Solo wasn’t a trustworthy guy. When we first see him, he sitting at a table in a bar with someone, whom he shoots because the guy want him to pay off a debt. He only took on passengers without credentials because he needed money, and he needed to get out […]

Readings of the Day It was a great day for a new country: its first popularly elected President was taking office. Many people were celebrating, and a few weren’t: they saw it as the beginning of the End of their dreams. When Nelson Mandela walked down the hallways, he saw white civil servants packing their […]

Readings of the day Four young people arrived at their destination on a dark and stormy night. They were on the run, they were trying to escape trouble. It was a frightening place, and when they arrived at the inn, they didn’t find the person they expected: Gandalf wasn’t there and no one knew where […]

Readings of the Day They were a group brought together almost at random. The fate of the free world rested on their shoulders, they were given a great mission for the sake of the forces of Good. They represented all the free peoples of the known world, but they were not chosen evenly. The members […]

Readings of the Day I remember a commercial from my childhood: the catch phrase was, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Somebody would usually have their head in their hands, moaning softly to themselves as the menu was recited, or the extent of the meal revealed. The reply was, “You did, Ralph, you […]


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