Readings of the Day “If you build it, they will come.” Have you heard that line when you were standing in the middle of a cornfield? “If you build it, they will come.” Some one heard that and his world changed. It changed for him; it changed for his family; it changed for the people […]

Readings of the Day There was a religious brother who worked at a small Catholic College in a small town. It had a lovely little campus dominated by the chapel with a water tower nearby. A Brother worked there for most of his life, living in community and being a jack of all trades, fixing […]

Readings of the Day “Once you travel the dark path, forever will it rule your destiny!” Anyone recognize where this comes from? It’s from the Star Wars movies, where master Yoda is teaching Luke how to be a Jedi knight. There is the Force and then there is the Dark Side of the Force, and […]

Readings of the Day There was a young man who had some choices to make. He was an intellectual and a poet, had begun a promising career as an actor. His family had known some sorrow: his older brother and mother had died while the young man was still a child, and his father was […]

Readings of the Day It was many years ago, that a young man went to college for the first time–me. There were many things I remember about it: the confusion of making sure that we had everything, my mom and sister crying because I was the first one going off to college, the excitement of […]

Robert Christian of the website Millennial Journal tweeted a quote from Dietrich von Hildebrand’s book Transformation in Christ which made an immediate impression on me. From the quality of the quote, I think this tome will go on my reading list because I think explorations of healthy humility are long overdue. “Humility is the opposite, […]

Readings of the Day At the beginning of the school year, we have to cope with lines. Well, we have to cope with lines almost everywhere we go: the DMV, the movie theater, the fast food store, etc. I remember some colossal lines when I first went to college, and when I went to graduate […]