Dies Irae, Dies Illa Teste David cum Sybilla Roses in the Western sky again, framed by black, clouds flickering with distant shrill outrage, promise of wind and rain, and I know I will not see the dawn. Nightfall comes in a strange place, far from home. Abandoned, forgotten, lost to all I know. My friends […]

Readings of the Day Life can be full of awkward moments. Standing the wrong line for several minutes would be one, buying something and seeing it for less in another store within a day or so, the unlocked bathroom door can make you just shudder at what you might not want to see. Perhaps the […]

Readings of the day There was once a quiet man. He was a priest, and he was most of all a scholar. He trained in Rome, and he was a bookworm, occasionally writing articles on theological topics of the day for specialty publications. He wasn’t thought a very forward man, not someone who enjoyed confrontation […]

Readings of the Day Choices. We all have choices, and the choices we make have an impact on what happens. What we choose matters. What we choose can affect the people around us; what we choose can affect the world around us; what we choose can affect the fate of the world. I’ve been a […]

Readings of the day Robert E. Lee had an important choice at Appomattox in April 1865: the choice for war or peace. He was cornered, his army was starving, it wasn’t possible to hold things together. A probe of enemy lines that told him fighting a battle in that place was not only a losing […]

A tree leaf in autumn, barely holding on. November gales rattle me, threaten to shake me free, sending me to the unknown. Threatening to blow me away into nothingness.   I was once firm, held fast once I blossomed on a shining March day, breathing summer fragrance making the tree fertile. A sea of green […]

Readings of the Day There’s a problem with sequels: they’re not the same as the original. If something succeeds, the first thing that comes to a lot of people’s minds is: do it again! Hollywood in particular beats this to death. I really liked the original Matrix movie: it had an interesting and challenging take […]


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