Readings of the day A princess on the run, royalty become refugee. It was a dark time, the conflict was going badly, and it seemed like all would be lost. Her father sent her out of danger, in spite of a commitment she made to a young man, because he wanted her to go somewhere […]

Readings of the day When I was in seminary, I had the privilege to take an extended bible study to the Holy Land. I was gone for three months, two of which were spent going to places mentioned in the Bible. There were several options for how much you take with you on a journey […]

Readings of the Day¬† Once upon a time, there was a show about some people stuck on a island. They represented a cross section of American society: some were talented, some were beautiful, some were smart, some were rich, and one guy was a goof off. They had to survive, find ways to shelter from […]

Readings of the Day Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. A young man flew through space accompanied by a robot. He felt called to be something special, to be a champion of good in the face of evil that was consuming the universe. And his name happened to be Luke Skywalker. He […]

This is a reflection I gave at a memorial service on the first anniversary of 9/11 A year ago tonight, the skies were silent. A year ago tonight, we looked up with fear. We are used to the skies turning against us here in the Midwest: of sudden storms boiling up and fierce winds blowing […]

Readings of the Day He was a young man growing up on a farm. He was a good boy, did his chores as he should, obeyed his uncle and aunt who were raising him. He liked to have fun with his friends and drive very fast. Ambition pulled him away from home; he wanted to […]

Readings of the Day When I was in graduate school in music, there was a quote from Charlie Parker that struck me, even though I’ve never played jazz. It went: “You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that […]


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