Readings of the Day He was a man on the run. He was on a mission from God, and it got him into trouble. Stephen Colbert was an example of civility and decorum compared to him. Elijah had just challenged the priests of Baal to a contest to see whose God was real. When God […]

Readings of the Day  It was the world premiere of a new piece of music. One of the greatest composers of his day had a new work for chorus and orchestra, and the city of Vienna was buzzing in anticipation. The composer had a difficult time organizing the performance: there was trouble getting a hall […]

Readings of the Day A young man was just starting his career. He got a job beyond his abilities and experience: best to say he had friends in high places who wanted him to be there. Knowing he was in over his head, he needed help, and was smart enough to know what kind of […]

Readings of the Day  I think we all remember a time, whether we’ve lived through it or not, we might call Camelot. In one of the first songs of the musical, King Arthur puts it this way: In short, there’s simply not A more congenial spot For happily-ever-aftering than here In Camelot. Unfortunately for the […]

Readings of the Day Although I spent part of my childhood on a farm, my involvement with plants was minimal. Occasionally I was forced to weed or pick things, but not often. Picking gooseberries was the worst, since they have stickers on them which makes the fruit difficult to pick and I hate the taste […]

Readings of the Day On January 28, 1985, a group of all star performers began work on a new anthem in response to a call for famine relief in Africa. When they got to the studio, their engineer, the legendary Quincy Jones, had posted a one line instruction on the door for his famous choir: […]

Readings of the Day I once had guilty pleasure: watching poker on television. It’s only watching poker since I’ve rarely played in person. Losing money is against my religion. But I’m interested in the strategy of the game, the different possibilities of card combinations, and the psychology of one player trying to outplay the other. […]

I’ve never been a gymnast. Given my size and agility, it’s no surprise that I had trouble doing forward rolls correctly in P.E. class, and forget anything like cartwheels. I know I’m awkward, so anything that involved my feet going over my head is something I’m not interested in doing, at least not on purpose. […]

Readings of the Day: Walks are wonderful. Getting in touch with nature, exercise, and socializing are good reasons for getting out, as well as seeing God at work around us. Who we walk with is also important: we share journeys with all kinds of people, and the more different people we can walk with, […]

Readings of the Day: Dancing is a lot of fun: I used to dance a bit. I’ve gone to polkas and waltzes and line dancing and contra dancing. I’ve even been in a couple of school musicals. Dancing takes a good sense of rhythm, coordination, balance, grace and a feel for what everybody else […]