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Homily: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day “If you build it, they will come.” Have you heard that line when you were standing in the middle of a cornfield? “If you build it, they will come.” Some one heard that and his world changed. It changed for him; it changed for his family; it changed for the people […]

Stories I’ve Found, 9/27/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Pope Francis on the power of money, in his own words.  At the Wednesday Papal Audience this week, he talks about the need for unity and the perils of a privatized Church.  David Gibson gives his 5 things we’ve learned about Pope Francis from the blockbuster interview last week, and […]

The Big Tent

They were a group of people who never should have ended up together. They didn’t get along, didn’t have the same values, didn’t respect each other’s personal space, didn’t go the same direction. They were such a mess the Army sent a psychiatrist to see whether they should be broken up, and even though this […]

Homily: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day I am impressed by ingenuity in many forms. A few years ago, I was working with students analyzing some Bach fugues, and the craft used in putting his music together is just as spell binding to contemplate as a theorist as to hear as a listener. I love stories about how […]

Stories I’ve Found, 9/20/2013

  Interesting stories I’ve found lately: Pope Francis gave a remarkable interview covering many topics published in America magazine.  In it, he unpacks some of his previous statements, response to criticisms, and reinforces the themes of his pontificate. John Allen reviews the first six months of Pope Francis,  and says more in this interview with […]

What Did We Learn From Survivor?

It was the summer of 2000: a rather tranquil time even though a Presidential campaign was going on. The big TV Networks still dominated entertainment, and their success was still measured in the “Sweeps” period from September through May. A new kind of show premiered on CBS: Survivor. It took 16 people to a remote […]

Homily: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day “Once you travel the dark path, forever will it rule your destiny!” Anyone recognize where this comes from? It’s from the Star Wars movies, where master Yoda is teaching Luke how to be a Jedi knight. There is the Force and then there is the Dark Side of the Force, and […]