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Homily: Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul

Readings of the Day They were to very different men working for a common cause. Thomas Jefferson was a Virginia planter: charming, sophisticated, creative, well read in classical literature. John Adams was a Boston lawyer: intense, paid close attention to detail, an excellent public speaker, educated in the ways of government. The visionary Jefferson wrote […]

Poor Professor Higgins

One of my favorite musicals is My Fair Lady. Toward the end of the story, Professor Higgins is in the midst of enjoying his triumph, having taken Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle from the street and after an excruciating program of tutoring passed her off at a Society event as a cultured Lady. Eliza then […]

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Cycle A

Readings of the Day Meals are an important part of our lives.  Most of our holidays revolve around shared meals, and table hospitality is an important way to begin deeper friendships and to maintain friendships.  Meals can also build community. Several years ago a movie came out entitled Babette’s Feast.  It was the story of […]

Don’t Give Up: Surrender

There is a difference between surrender and giving up. They have so much in common it’s easy to get them confused: both involve ending resistance, both allow another power to prevail, both mean that we give up control over part of our lives. There’s loss, grieving, disappointment, and the loss of a Great Cause. On […]

Homily: Trinity Sunday, 2014

Readings of the Day I remember a classic TV commercial where a guy wakes up early in the morning.  He has a tough time getting his act together. Stumbling around, he just can’t seem to get going until he’s finish shaving, and all of a sudden, he slaps himself silly putting on his after shave.  […]

Borderland–A Review

A new documentary series, Borderland, premiered on Al Jazeera America this past month. This four-part series showed the journey of six people, three men and three women, who traced the footsteps of three people who died trying to enter our country. The six were from different age groups and political backgrounds: liberals and conservatives, old […]

Homily: Pentecost, 2014

Readings of the Day May the Force be with You. It almost sounds like a ritual greeting, doesn’t it? Once I started a homily with this, and got the reply: “And also with you.” There is a solemnity when folks say this phrase, even when they’re joking. We’ve been doing it for 30 years, and […]