Monthly Archives: November 2015

Homily, First Sunday of Advent, Cycle C

Readings of the Day There are a land rush around 100 years ago around the Oklahoma panhandle. Vast new areas were being opened up for farming, tractors pulled plows side by side to till the land more thoroughly and completely. It was a land subject to droughts, and averaged less than 20 inches of rain […]

Homily: Solemnity of Christ the King, Cycle B

Readings of the day Several years ago, I was doing a chaplain training program in a small town in Iowa. It was a hot summer night, and a couple of my classmates and I went down the local theater to see a movie. It wasn’t a movie that I would have gone to see, but […]

The Courage to Live Charity

A recent article by James Martin, S.J. in America Magazine retold the story of the Trappist Monks of Notre-Dame de l’Atlas, martyred in Algeria in 1996. The movie Of Gods and Of Men tells their story: how they lived a community of prayer and service to their neighbors, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, in peace for […]

Homily: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B

Readings for the Day It seemed that all hope was lost. They knelt on a stairway while a troll was beating on the gate; the enemy was about to break in. When they did, they’d fight to the last warrior, then all they knew and cared for would be gone, history. It was a tense […]

Veteran’s Day 2015

Today is Veteran’s Day, and they deserve all the respect, gratitude, and admiration we can give them. My grandfather was a veteran, as were uncles and cousins, and I respect what they gave of themselves for our country. “Thank you for your service” is probably an overused phrase, and we should definitely do more concrete […]

Homily: 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B

Readings for the Day I’ve enjoyed watching poker on TV from time to time. Haven’t played it much myself; losing money is against my religion. The psychological drama of the game is interesting: seeing who’s bluffing and who has the best hand, who’s miscalculated his opponents and who gets the right read on them. The […]