Readings of the Day Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go see the king? What would you expect to find? Great rooms, lavish decorations, precious ornaments, servants, five silver service? A grand mansion, perhaps? I went to see the king on a vacation a few years ago. On my way to […]

Readings of the Day When things are bad, it’s tough to figure out what to do. You can find yourself in ugly situations, embarrassing situations, places you can’t stay. You want to run away, find somewhere new. There’s two words that can present you with a philosophy of life when you can’t face the present, […]

Readings of the Day Several years ago, I had the privilege of going to a local art gallery and watching two Tibetan Buddhist Monks working on a sand mandala. A mandala is a source of meditation for Buddhists that has iconic value; it is usually a figure seated in the center in the lotus position, […]

  Readings of the Day On January 9,324 something remarkable happened. The Pope dedicated a church to both St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist on the Lateran Hill on property given by the Emperor Constantine. It was the first cathedral in history: Christianity had only been legalized 11 years before, and now […]

Readings of the Day Imagine that you are in control of the greatest power in the Universe. There is nothing that can compare to its power, and all the trial runs have been perfection. You can’t imagine that anything can beat you; all you have to do is flick your finger and your enemies are […]

Readings of the Day Have you known any saints? Anyone who has lived a life that you consider saintly? When I visited schools, I‘ve been asking the school kids what does takes to be a saint, and of course I got a lot of answers. What’s easier is to talk about saints in real life […]

Readings of the Day There is an old saying on the planet Vulcan: only Nixon could go to China. Recognize that one? It’s from a remarkable movie in the Star Trek series: number 6, The Undiscovered Country. Captain Kirk and his crew get called in to do a job that he doesn’t want to do. […]