Leveling Up

As those of you who read my initial post on this blog know, I’m not really big into sentimentalism. It’s not completely worthless: it’s like having a nice, soft, comfy couch or armchair, a place to relax for a while and let the world go by. Tempting to stay there, but sooner or later we need to get up and do something important, or at least do something. Living on the couch may sound like a good thing, but the joy of life is what we can get done between our rest breaks.

June 16 is an important date for me, perhaps more so for my parents, but I’m done with the sentimental name for the day. I appreciate the sentiments, but I think the tern “leveling up” works better. It’s a marker that our XP have reached an impressive level, and we’ve gained some knowledge, wisdom, and character through all our adventures. A joint of roast beast and a flagon of ale to celebrate, and tomorrow we ride forth to new adventures. Better than wearing silly hats, throwing streamers, and eating sweet cakes. I will sing the song for others, especially for children, but release everyone from the obligation to sing it at me.

Level 62 sounds like an accomplishment, and although I wish I would have done more, I have earned this level. If this were a game, I’d be a minor deity or great grandmaster, with bonus abilities to make bad fortune an impossibility. As it is, I feel the many journeys I’ve traveled, but have a few more to take. When I go adventure, I have a little more to bring to the party than I used to. I hope everyone gets to feel more useful and wiser and more powerful as they level up.


  1. patricejo830 · · Reply

    Happy Leveling Up! Patty Priestley

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  2. Monica Chapman · · Reply

    Give it up!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

  3. Sherry S. · · Reply

    you are a hoot…happy Leveling up (and Happy Birthday!!! you are the best!!)

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