Humility as antidote

Robert Christian of the website Millennial Journal tweeted a quote from Dietrich von Hildebrand’s book Transformation in Christ which made an immediate impression on me. From the quality of the quote, I think this tome will go on my reading list because I think explorations of healthy humility are long overdue.

“Humility is the opposite, not only of all malicious pride but of all forms of self-centered mediocrity, such as emphasis on petty pleasures or honors, any kind of slavery to conventions, any attachment of importance to unimportant concerns, any cowardice, any bourgeois complacency.”

This opens some new dimensions for the concept of Humility. I think many of us would plead guilty to a lot of the “self-centered mediocrity” on this list, myself included. Plenty of all of the above going on these days. Food for thought.

If you haven’t checked it out, Millennial Journal has a plethora of great reflections, as well Quotes of the Day I’ve forwarded frequently.


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