Homily: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C

Readings of the Day

It was a magnificent celebration, with legions of warriors turning out in full dress uniforms to honor three brave souls who accomplished the impossible. Full of pageantry and grand unforgettable music, the honor paid to the heroes was clear, even Princess Leia changed her hair style for the occasion.

Yet in the midst of the celebration of the Death Star’s destruction, something lurked in the background: the struggle wasn’t over yet. Darth Vader had disappeared and Empire was still incredibly powerful. All they’d accomplished was a chance to carry on, to keep up the struggle, until the final day when their mission would succeed.

Jesus sent 72 of his disciples out two by two on a mission: to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God, and do what He would do. When they came back they were amazed at what happened: the sick healed, demons driven out, people’s lives changed. Perhaps the most amazing thing about it was it was happening through their hands and voices, the Spirit of God was accomplishing all this through them. It must have been a tremendous high when they came back, a time to celebrate certainly, to rejoice in the wonders God had done.

Jesus reminded them of what made their work possible, how He was part of Satan’s fall from the beginning of creation. He also reminds them of the highest honor they have: not the honor of overcoming evil works, but being members of the community of Heaven.

We’re also members of the community of Heaven, we’re also called to do what Christ did. Christ comes to us today in the Eucharist, becoming part of us, which is an event that’s beyond description, beyond belief, beyond hope. It’s an honor we usually don’t reflect on very often. Yet when we do reflect on that, we should remember the mission isn’t complete yet, even though the outcome isn’t in doubt. We still have things to do, ways to grow, bounds of community to build. As we move forward as the Body of Christ, we continue the disciple’s work, rejoicing in the wonders God has done, as well as reflecting on what it means to be part of the community of Heaven and what our continuing mission is.


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