Let the Rain Fall

The Senate’s refusal to pass meaningful legislation to ban assault weapons is the pinnacle of ineptitude. Polls consistently show the vast majority of Americans approve some restrictions on these weapons, however the Senate is obstinate in refusing to listen. The House is no better, as proven by Paul Ryan’s reluctance to become Speaker of the House after no one seemed to want it. It is the summit of years of growing radicalization, inaction, and ineptitude. Congress has even prided itself on not acting, and some even celebrated when the government was shut down. I find this reality more distressing than the presidential campaign. Even though Washington has seemed to be out of touch with everyday people since my childhood, now it seems to be living in a parallel universe we can’t access.

I propose a simple solution that’s easy to remember on election day: Remove All Incumbents Now (RAIN!). Experience in a job is usually desirable, however now it is poison. I realize the prospect of having an entirely new House of Representatives and one third of the Senate is frightening, but not as frightening as what’s going on now. I know many of us feel that our particular representatives are all right in the rest of them are rotten (my guy is is one of the good ones), but to be honest, we’re wrong and we’ve been wrong a long time. Democrat and Republican, both must go. The chaos that will ensue is the only way we have a chance for a reboot that offers hope.

RAIN! should go viral. It is the only way to send a clear message and demonstrate the continuing power of the ballot box. We should even vote against the candidates we dearly love; the sacrifice is worth it in these extreme times. It is the only hope of undoing the demagoguery of these days, remind people that they are mortal and accountable. The good ones will still find a way to help us.

We should turn out at the polls in record numbers to do this. 100% isn’t realistic but more than 50% should do it, 70%. It’s simple: find every incumbent on the ballot and vote against them, top to bottom. What they say doesn’t matter, what they champion doesn’t matter, because it’s abundantly clear none of them are listening, intend to do anything other than serve themselves, or really care about us. It would probably work on the local level as well as state and national. It’s better than any other drastic solution out there, and provides a real opportunity for meaningful, lasting change. The shock would probably make the government listen to us and do something about what we say (or at least, do something). It also will give people in touch with reality a chance to gain control of our political parties, if not provide the opportunity to establish a sustainable Centrist party or two for the majority of moderates in this country.

You might probably ask me what I think of the Presidential Election. It’s tough since there is no incumbent to vote against. I think one candidate will walk all over the Constitution with muddy feet and the other would put it through the shredder to serve their purpose. If someone held a gun to my head and said I had to choose between Hillary or Donald, I’d say pull the trigger. After the RAIN! falls, maybe we can find a way to get reasonable people on the ballot for President in 2020.


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