Johnny Quest

I remember Grandma’s house after school every day
watching Johnny Quest in black and white exploring
lost worlds
listening about Grandpa guarding trains in Siberia and
Grandma’s horses getting spooked on Armistice Day
when the bells rang
they had skills I couldn’t imagine
living in those days
We visited the Lexington battlefield and heard about
Grandma’s Grandpa’s fiddle tunes from the Civil War
and imagined what it would be like to push a huge damp hemp bale
up a hill so you wouldn’t get shot

What was it like? Lost worlds have a romance

I remember Whiteout being a gift from God and
how to splice audio tape and why
putting a coin on your tone arm
made the music better and
pendulum metronomes never beat evenly
so you couldn’t really count on them

Johnny Quest is old now
and doesn’t have to fly his plane
with his father’s posse
his grandchildren’s imaginations stretch with
stories of Bandit that old monster
who lived in a lost world long ago

Grandma’s house belongs to strangers
the Siberian trains are guarded by Russians
my grade school is falling apart
computers do the splicing now
my iPhone is a Swiss Army Knife
and I share memories
of lost worlds

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