Dies Irae, Dies Illa

Teste David cum Sybilla

Roses in the Western sky again,

framed by black,

clouds flickering with

distant shrill outrage,

promise of wind and rain,

and I know I will not see the dawn.

Nightfall comes in a strange place,

far from home.

Abandoned, forgotten,

lost to all I know.

My friends are all dead,

my enemies are all dead.

I will be dead.

They left me here,

clinging to life.

And let me cling to

strangers on a march

of empty days.

Dies Irae, Dies Illa

Teste David cum Sybilla

Each day a new pain,

each day a new loss,

something lost, something forgotten,

even the memory of being

me is gone.

Another childhood in loose skin,

a dignity lost,

thoughts blowing past in the wind

beyond reach.

Melodies whose words

are forgotten.

No shelter from the rain,

no respite from the pain.

My feet are useless,

I cannot stand on my own.

I can only challenge the lightning

with watery eyes of contempt.

Dies Irae, Dies Illa

Teste David cum Sybilla

When I was a child,

we knew how the world would end:

the missiles would rise from

our backyards

and in an hour

the flash of destruction

would drive us into our cellars,

to dine on canned food and dirty water

watching our hair fall out

as the universe burned around us.

There was no dream after that,

no future to see,

only the hope of a judgement

of mercy beyond hope.

Could God forgive us?

Can God forgive us for burning our futures blindly

in a careless orgy of want?

Dies Irae, Dies Illa

Teste David cum Sybilla

The roses fade, the darkness comes closer,

the thunder booms deeper, promising rain.

I look through the window, wishing,

wishing I could stand on my own feet

in the open, outside,

shake my fist in defiance,

dare God to smite me as King Lear did

cursing the night, cursing the darkness.

I can’t move unless

somebody pushes me.

I can’t raise my arms,

unless somebody raises them.

I can’t raise my voice

unless somebody puts

a microphone to my lips.

Hope is beyond me,

hope is outside me,

hope is above me,

hope is around me,

hope only comes from

beyond hope itself.

It’s all I have.

Dies Irae, Dies Illa

Teste David cum Sybilla

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