A tree leaf in autumn, barely holding on.

November gales rattle me,

threaten to shake me free,

sending me to the unknown.

Threatening to blow me away

into nothingness.


I was once firm,

held fast once I blossomed

on a shining March day,

breathing summer fragrance

making the tree fertile.

A sea of green shining with life.

Sunlight and starlight went on without end,

no storm could shake me,

one with the tree, one with a world

of brother leaves.


Then the warmth was gone,

the wind turned cooler,

and flow of life started

slowing, fading,

until we all were different:

a symphony of color.

Shining golden in the fading light,

a miracle to see,

inspiration for others.


Now I’m dry and brown,

rattling in fear with each

passing breeze.

The tree doesn’t need me now,

lets me stay but doesn’t hold me.


Mother Earth’s stone cold hands reach for me,

call me to jump down,

call me to sleep.


Will you give me rest, Mother?

Can you let me sleep?



  1. ozarkparson · · Reply

    Very well done…a haunting picture of the change in seasons featuring my favorite leaves with which I have a love/hate relationship.

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