Making Music

For most of my life, music has been the first priority. It’s still a priority today, and in many ways I think of my ministry today as another way of making music. There are many wonderful things about the approach to making good music: learning the notes, even to the point of not getting them wrong; working for perfection even when you know it rarely happens; finding the spirit behind the music, not just the spirit of the composer, although that’s important, too; finding a way to focus on a higher level than the everyday in preparation for the performance; stepping onto the stage and blocking out everything else, only being present to the music for the sake of those listening; letting go of the wrong notes you play on stage and having faith the music came through.

Life is an art, and there have been many great artists in history. Not all of them have been musicians. Music is a great resource for the art of living life, which I wish more educators and legislators realized in these times. There are many other things about music I think translate well to life in general:

-Making sure you get the best source material you can
-Entering other mindsets authentically while still being yourself
-Focusing in the moment on what you’re doing now
-Looking at your weaknesses critically but not self-destructively
-Staying with the project until it feels right
-Offering what you’ve prepared to others humbly and wholeheartedly
-Trusting your preparation when you’re under pressure and your nerves are functioning in overdrive
-Immersing yourself in the spirit of the Music and giving yourself to it completely
-Being in one breath, one heart, one mind with everyone near you
-Letting the song be the group consciousness
-Knowing what you have isn’t perfect, but trusting God will make up the difference
-Knowing you’ve done well while admitting you still have room to get better and grow

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more of us lived like musicians?


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