Stories I’ve Found, 4/11/2014

Interesting stories I’ve found:

Leah Perrault gives us some excellent observations in her post Shifting the Focus: Objectivification, Porn and the Longing for Belonging.  Her take on the main problem with porn is absolutely correct.

Chris Steadman shares us an important question: what’s the biggest misconception about atheists? In every Ivory Tower, there’s a temptation to share misinformation out of ignorance. We live better in community without misconceptions, since we can better deal with one another as we truly are.

How do Millennials feel about social justice issues?  This new poll reveals some positive attitudes.

Some less that positive signs in this poll about the status of the Bible in people’s lives.  I agree with the comment at the end: we just can’t hand people a copy and expect them to do the rest.

Following up on a story from last week: Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta is selling the 2.2 million dollar home built for him.

Follow up from a story last year: the majority of priests and parish leaders think the translation of the new Missal is inadequate.  Absolutely!

Pope Francis speaks out against a “dictatorship of narrow mindedness.”  His application of the relationship of Jesus and the Pharisees is a particularly good illustration for attitudes today. The Pope also made an apology for the clergy sex abuse scandal and promised renewed effort to deal with it.

Is the Internet to blame for the decline in religion?  Pursuing this question is important: the availability of information may be feeding both sides, but the actual time spent online may be stealing time for real time activities in general.

remarkable series of portraits from the New York Times: survivors and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide posing together.  Accompanying each photo is a short story of the people involved.

A new Catholic Pro-Life cause: immigration reform.  John Allen tells the story.

Why it’s important to get history right: the 9/11 memorial museum shouldn’t legitimize Al Qaeda.  Omid Safi tells us why it’s important not to label Al Qaeda as “Islamic terrorism.”

Mark Silk testifies to the “power of the purse” in two very different situations.  To say “those who have the gold, make the rules” shouldn’t be a desirable norm; it should be a statement of outrage. Money ONLY cares about itself, not about what is right or fair.

Another vocation held hostage: a young woman wants to join a convent, but can’t until $25,000 of student loans are paid.) She’s getting some help, but I can’t help but wonder how many other futures are overshadowed by student debt (and it’s almost impossible to get a decent education without taking one on.)  I saw a piece today that she’d reached her goal through Internet help; how about starting a charitable fund to help religious aspirants who don’t want to beg on the Internet for help?  My community has a solution by offering conditional loans, many convents can’t afford to do this.

Benjamin Corey has a great challenge for all of us: How To Be A Christian Without Being a Total %@#& About It.  His ideas apply to Christians other than evangelicals, something we Catholics should listen to. I believe most of these are ideas Pope Francis would agree with.

A review of the legal issues raised in the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court.

How much is a bishop worth?  This article explores the retirement benefits many bishops have, while uncovering some interesting facts about the additional perks.

A movie about the supernatural based on another religious worldview than Christian: Jinn.  May have to check that one out even though I’m not generally a fan of horror movies.


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