Stories I’ve Found, 4/4/2014

Interesting stories I’ve found:

Is it all right to fight with God?  Pope Francis says there are times it’s the best way to pray, and tells us of the benefits we get by confronting God about the fulfillment of promise.

Columnist Jonathan Merritt shares his struggle with childhood abuse and the insecurity that follows.  His last paragraph is amazing. The article that led me there, where he unpacks the reasons for sharing, is also powerful reading.

Mark Oppenheimer says that Calvinism can’t make sense of the Cross.  His journey in and out of Calvinism, as related in this interview with Jonathan Merritt, has some very basic and profound observations on the nature of God and God’s love.  As a former Calvinist, I can relate to this line of thinking and embrace it.

A courageous Ugandan Anglican Bishop ministers to homosexuals in spite of legal and popular persecution.

An exploration of the Christian Prenumbra.  This account from the fringe of religious affiliation is remarkably rich and helpful.

A thoughtful appraisal of Pope Francis in light of the predecessors on the brink of their canonizations.

I don’t think has happened before: a bishop apologizes for the size of his house, and will take advice on whether to sell it or not.  A good gesture; let’s see how many other bishops follow up in this mode.

Millennial Journal takes a hard look at poverty.  This great article about entitlement and personal responsibility illuminates many things normally hidden from everyday view. Follow the link to Julie Rubio’s article “Beyond Debunking” at Catholic Moral Theology.

Christopher Hale reports on the situation of immigrants today in Millennial Journal.  Our immigration system is broken, as our bishops are bearing witness, and we need more stories like this one. Cardinal O’Malley’s homily from Tuesday’s Mass at the Border, is part of this piece.

See what the Jesuits in New York State are up to next.  One of their new presidents is a ground breaking appointment.

Omid Safi looks at pictures large and small: the question whether Jews, Christians and Muslims can live together in Jerusalem, and the question whether there’s other intelligent life in the Universe (and what either answer entails.)

Tom Erlich gives us an essay about Sex and Never Ending Christian Adolescence. The attitudes he challenges are in many contemporary denominations, and deserve to be challenged.

Some clandestine adventures of a soon-to-be saint.  John XXIII was as good as slipping out as John Paul II seems to have been.

A religious history of April 1.  No fooling.

As someone could put it, an account of the meeting between Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Frank.  The Queen obviously has a higher standard of public behavior to conform to than the Pope, however she doesn’t really have to worry about wielding real power.

This isn’t particularly religious, but a different view of the future from The New Yorker: the L.P.D., Libertarian Police Department.  Yeah, sure, I’ll pay a cop to arrest me when I break the law.


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