Stories I’ve Found, 3/28/2014

Interesting stories I’ve found:

E. J. Donne of the Washington Post covers President Obama’s visit with Pope Francis this week.  A deep piece that calls us not to shoehorn our Pontiff into our particular political issues. Here’s the “official” report on that meeting from Whispers in the Loggia.

Christopher Hale has an interesting idea for restarting the conversation on immigration reform in Congress: Give ‘Em Francis.

A sad fact I’ve known for years: The Mentally Ill Are Our Lepers.  This article details the valiant service given by the Mennonites to our mental institutions during World War II, where they were sent as an alternative to military service.

The “Bishop of Bling” is gone: will there be more? David Gibson gives us reason why there may not.

An commentary on a radical Pro-Choice advocate from the other side.  Like the author, I know this kind of shallowness isn’t standard, and I believe superficial, self-centered Pro-Life arguments deserve at least as much intellectual scorn as this Pro-Choice mindset rightly receives.

A growing problem in religious life: debt vs. discernment For many who’d like to consider religious life, student loan debt is an insurmountable obstacle. Of course for many of our young, it’s an insurmountable obstacle period.

A report on the “Slow Church” movement: the anti-thesis of the megachurch.  This group promotes smaller Christian communities tied closely to their contexts and the needs of the neighborhoods around them, resisting the “MacDonaldization” of religion.

9 crazy religious headlines from Saudi Arabia.  This country is amazing, and their religious standards aren’t as well known as they should be, particularly since they have been our friends, by and large.

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