Stories I’ve Found, 3/21/2014


I’ve been on the road this week, however here’s some interesting stories I’ve found:

A report on the vibrant Catholic life of the Philippines from John Allen, a recent visitor.

The possible impact of the Russia/Ukraine conflict on the Orthodox Church.  The history is complex, and the dynamics need to be watched, especially if a split in the Russian Orthodox Church is a result of upcoming events.

Michael Sean Winters says Bring on the Dogma.  His viewpoint is absolutely correct and I endorse it: the key dogma to our faith is “God is love” and everything else flows from that, including doctrine.

The Age of Individualism is a look ahead by Ross Douthat that is challenging.  Individualism may continue to be the rising wave, although I’m not sure how much higher it can rise, but it doesn’t have all the answers.

Billy Kangas outlines The Problem with a Pop-Culture Christ.  This problem isn’t limited to evangelical congregations, and calls us to reflect on who we are and how we present Jesus.

A side of St. Patrick rarely seen: the prophet of justice against human trafficking.  Not only was he English, he was abducted and enslaved by pirates who took him to Ireland.  It took a huge effort by the Holy Spirit to get him to go back.

Boz Tchividjian tells us 6 ways survivors of abuse are mistreated when they report.  These are things to remember: if we hear a line like this coming from us, something’s probably very wrong nearby.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs praises Pope Francis, the Market Reformer.  He does an excellent job of analyzing the Pope’s teaching in light of current realities and the history of Catholic Social Teaching.

Marist Brother Sean Sammon sees a future in religious life.  I do as well; if we’re to say everyone should be able to pursue their true nature wherever it would lead them, community life has been a healthy place for almost 2000 years.

Dr. Maryann Cuismano Love unpacks Catholic Peacebuilding in an interiew with Millennial Journal.

A collection of 10 Quotes from Henri Nowen’s Bread for the Journey that have resonance with the big themes of Pope Francis’ papacy.

A great reprint from The Pub Theologian: Joan Chittester’s To See Beyond All Things.  On the lighter side, this graphic This is Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee is very entertaining.  Since I hate coffee, I guess that’s why I have trouble getting things done.

A story you couldn’t invent believably: the Satanic group that sought to put a statue of Satan in front of the Oklahoma legislature is planning a “pink mass” over the soon to be grave of Fred Phelps to make him gay in the afterlife.  Posthumous conversion sounds a little Mormon to me (nothing against the Mormons), and I’m really not interested in what sex of any kind after death might look like (I know what it looks like before it).

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