Stories I’ve Found, 1/10/2014

Interesting Stories I’ve Found:

In this eventful year, it’s hard to imagine any story about the Catholic Church being under reported in 2013. John Allen has found five of them, and each are worth reading.  On Monday, he picked up another great batch of Papal headlines.

Of course, when John Allen moves to the Boston Globe next month, I’ll have to bookmark his work there.  This is the second great coup in the past decade for the city of Boston, since the Red Sox landed baseball authority Bill James as a talent adviser (who have done pretty well since he came on board).  Sure, I guess you could call John Allen the Bill James of the Vatican.

James R. Rogers of Texas A&M explains some of the confusion in the discussion around markets generated by Evangelii Gaudium.  It’s helpful to remember that like many continuums, there is a wide variety of stances between free market capitalism and complete socialism, and Pope Francis’ document embraces neither extreme, Rush Limbaugh notwithstanding. Fr. Jim Martin, S.J. responds to claims Pope Francis doesn’t understand capitalism on the Colbert Report.

Michael Sean Winters tackles the WPFMTS (What Pope Francis Meant To Say) syndrome as he responds to a commentary by New York Post columnist William McGurn.

Washington is trying to hop the Papal bandwagon, as this CNN clip shows.

The dark side of religion and politics: why authoritarian regimes support religion.  Karl Marx wasn’t always wrong.

An update on the 50th anniversary on the War on Poverty, with most of the action coming from overseas. The main commentator on poverty today should come as no surprise.

A rare look at America through a volunteer’s eyes.   A group from Brazil came to Kansas City last summer to work in a poor neighborhood; their experiences are very thought provoking.

Robert Christian assails the Princess culture, which is believed to cause a lot of cultural and psychological problems for women.  I think women should grow up with more than the hope to be “fairest of them all.” In Love Actually: Concrete, Unselfish, and Generous, he pulls together some wonderful papal quotes on the nature of true love.

What are the female dress preferences in Muslim countries by residents there?  This report on a survey conducted by the Michigan Population Studies Center reveals a divergence of opinion of what’s proper in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey in what’s proper for women to wear in public, and whether they should choose what they wear.

Would you believe there are 5 religious apps banned by Apple? I’m not tempted by any of these and if you are, please seek help ASAP.


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