Stories I’ve Found, 12/27/2013

Interesting Stories I’ve Found:

Pope Francis’ coining of the term “promethian neopelagianism” has roots in the writings of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.  Wow, this I did not know. Robert Christian lays out the economic conflict around Pope Francis, highlighting the growing criticism of the Pope’s critiques of free market capitalism and advocacy for the Poor. The quote from the English Baron during the Irish potato famine sounds eerily familiar.  Vox Nova responds to Samuel Gregg, one of the Pope’s critics.  John Allen gives us A Very Franciscan Christmas After All, putting the celebrations in the three pillars of this papacy.

The Pope’s approval rating is sky high, according to this CNN Belief Blog post. Of course, how much these polls matter is up for grabs. This article reveals a secret strength of his: inner freedom.

On Peace: Christian Piatt’s column Swords, Plowshares and the ‘Drone Dilemma’ unearths the real moral dilemma around drones: how they’re used and who’s using them.

This commentary illustrates some of the landscape behind the ACLU’s lawsuit blaming the Catholic directives for healthcare for a bad outcome. As usual, the issues around the situation are more complicated than in the national news, and the amount of blame on the Catholic directives is overblown.

Owen Strachan gives us some thoughts about domesticating Jesus which are worth pondering. Jesus comes to bring us life, not to make life easy, and He surely never told us to take it easy.

Prince Charles expresses his concern over the situation of Christians in the Middle East.  I’m glad he’s trying to help bring the situation to light; we need everyone we can get to do this.

An American priest answers the Vatican Questionnaire.  I don’t agree with everything he says, especially his comments about people under 35, but his makes some good observations about what’s really going on. It seems that’s what’s being asked for, why not give it to them?

A Pennsylvania Catholic religious community turns down the offer for a lease on their property, deciding that fracking is not a moral option for them.

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas? This article describes the evolution of Muslim Christmas traditions in the United States.

A poem of W. H. Auden I wasn’t familiar with hit my radar: Christmas Oratorio

Bill Tammeus unrolls his soothsaying powers as he predicts the top religion stories for 2014.  He confidently predicts there will be stranger stories on the wires next year than these forecasts.

And finally, Martin Luther King’s Christmas Sermon on Peace from 1967. Even though the Vietnam war isn’t going on today, there are still wars we help facilitate, and our awareness of our interdependence as a world doesn’t seem to have grown a lot.

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