Duck Dynasty Special

Here’s my take on everything Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson and what he’s said:

-He has the right to say anything he wants, especially if he sincerely believes it. As do you, I and everyone else in the world. He is what he is and you and I are what we are.   None of us are perfect even though we try to be good and follow Jesus.

-He has the right to articulate his Faith any way he wants, to anyone who’ll listen, and all listeners have the right to accept or reject what he says. He answers to God and so do we.

-Everyone pays for what they say and do, at least in credibility to others. What really matters is how we treat people as people, and I imagine Phil would agree with that. Fortunately, most of us don’t have microphones and cameras around all the time, so our social gaffes and unfiltered moments of honesty go under the radar. So do our honest beliefs and the values we live by.

-Reality shows have gone too far and there should be a legal limit on how many are out there as well as who can be in one. Ultimately, their stars become more than people and their reality gets diluted. I love the crab fishermen of Deadliest Catch, but it’s happened to them and will happen to all reality show people if their series are renewed. Maybe the only people who save lives for a living should have one, and it should mostly be shot when they’re working.

-Regardless of what the religious values of people in reality shows and other people in news and entertainment are, the people who own and run news and entertainment really worship the Golden Calf. They want people different enough to be entertaining, and total screw-ups are tolerated if they’re entertaining and sober enough to stand unsupported. They only criticize or suspend people, cancel shows, or suppress stories when something happens they fear will lose them money. Even though they’re showing people as they “really are”, some warts are intolerable. Same goes for religion and politics as with racism: if Phil had said President Obama wasn’t born in the US, or President George W. Bush was a draft dodger, he’d have been suspended as well. If he said all Catholics were going to Hell, then he’d be treated the same, perhaps.

-The Golden Calf cult goes by the Golden Rule every time: whoever has the gold, makes the rules. There is no other justice and no higher justice if that’s what you believe. If you don’t have enough money to hurt them, you’re not on their radar, and your opinion doesn’t matter (as well are your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness).  It they’re disconnected from our reality, we end up paying for it.

-The people who run the networks and news organizations in this country are much, much less than geniuses. Trying to imitate their moral standards is as worthwhile as eating warm Jello with chopsticks. How they make a living, much less have access to the amount of power they do, is beyond me.

BTW, I used to be a homophobe.  I’m reconsidering the mystery of God’s creation these days, and am willing to take the Pope’s lead in trying to treat people as people first, even if I disagree with them.  God bless Phil, everyone who agrees with him, everyone who disagrees with him, and even the poor people who make a living coming up with reality shows who may not know what real life is like.  God bless us every one, and I believe He does in spite of ourselves.


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