Stories I’ve Found, 12/13/2013


Interesting Stories I’ve Found:

Somebody’s got it correct: Pope Francis Is Not A Standard Bearer for the Right or the Left.   He is also a champion for Life, as this article attests.  His message for the World Day of Peace 2014 is out, and it’s here.  My favorite quote: “All have been redeemed by the blood of Christ, who died on the Cross for all. . .This is the reason why no one can remain indifferent before the lot of our brothers and sisters.”

Let us bury the real Madiba. Omid Safi remembers the great man, bringing out some uncomfortable aspects of his legacy we should confront. This article retells Mandela’s tribute to the Churches that shaped and sustained him. I’m not in the crowd of people calling Mandela a saint, however he was a force for reconciliation as President of South Africa when he could have been an agent of vengeance, and refused to become embittered by 27 years of imprisonment. We could do worse for role models.

The story of the priest who fought the government and won is a good one.  This one insisted on serving his military flock during the government shutdown.

A history of Jesus, the one who is: “. . .a prize fighter with a tattoo down his leg, a sword in His hand and the commitment to make someone bleed.”  Further testament to our deep desire for a Christ who looks and acts like us, or at least who we want to be.

The attitude of boys toward the hook-up culture: it’s not as clear cut as one could imagine, and it harms them as well as girls.

Man Against Mass Society: the 20th Century French Philosopher Gabriel Marcel emerges as a critic of modern social standards.  Marcel has long been one of my favorite philosophers, and his observation of the dehumanization of becoming a part of an economic machine is profound.

Michael Sean Winters asks Is Capitalism “Intrinsically Disordered?” An interesting question, and although I have to digest this article for a while, I agree with the author’s point that markets are not morally neutral.

Bill Tammeus brings up an essential point: Death is an Uncomfortable Face of Life,One We Should Face Head On. Absolutely right, and something that most folks don’t pay enough attention to.

Christianity and Islam both under attack: Muslim and Christian Dalits are beaten in New Dehli during a non violent protest for equal protection and opportunity.

Who’s Bigger?  “Culturometrics” has decided who the Top 100 names in history are, and the Man from Galilee is #1. All of the Top 100 are men and 97 are white. You decide if it’s fair or not.

Here’s an interesting story: Satanists in Oklahoma want to put a statue at the statehouse next to the Ten Commandments, using the new law that permits private tributes on state property. The Hindus have expressed interest in erecting a statue to their monkey god, Hanuman, there as well.  It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out, especially since money may not have the last word.


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