Stories I’ve Found, 12/6/2013

Interesting Stories I’ve Found:

Pope Francis speaks of religious life as a “prophecy.”  Mark Silk tells the tale of Pope Francis vs. the Free Marketeers.  Christopher Hale shares his reflections on Evangelii Gaudium, and the main question and answer he believes the Pope is asking us.

You find out something new every day: the Pope once worked as a bouncer. He says it helped him learn how to bring people to Christ.  I thought this was an Onion story until I saw it was from the Catholic News Service.

A follow up to Linda Tirado’s story that I referenced last week (a poor woman talks about living as a poor person), where criticism of her story is discussed.  I would maintain that in spite of the question of truth of her particular claims (she seems to be what she says she is), there are talented and intelligent people stuck working for substandard wages that can’t find a way up or out. They usually don’t appear on welfare rolls or in line for handouts.

Where Is The Love? unpacks contemporary attitudes about the poor, and reminds us that many of the poor are losers in the “ovarian lottery.”  I was amazed to find the poorest 20% of Americans donate more to charity than the richest 20%.

The Fullness of Our Destiny is a wonderful post by Carl McColman about the reason for prayer and what role it plays in our lives.

Is there a “War on Christmas”? Michael Sean Winters weighs in with a thoughtful piece with some provocative points, such as the season being used to teach small children greed, and how Santa is really a Pelagian.

It’s still happening: Syrian rebels abducted 9 nuns and 3 other women from a Christian village they overran last week.  There’s also little word about the 2 Bishops abducted last summer, either.

What is the meaning of life?  This New York Times column explores the search for meaning by the Millennial generation.

Hans Küng speaks about Church Reform on All Levels, particularly on the policies toward divorced and remarried Catholics in light of Evangelii Gaudium.

Thomas Reese, S.J. relates the story of the German Bishop Conference’s rejection of it new Missal translation and compares it with the U.S. Bishop’s action with the new English one released 2 years ago.  His call to action is well founded.

BBC News gives us an account of Why Did Pope Benedict XVI Resign?  Don’t know how true this is, however it’s plausible.

Leah Libresco pulls out some excellent points in her review of Sex and the Single Christian Girl, and comes to realization in the last paragraph that should be much better known and practiced.

A Mexican cartel tries to get protection money from a seminary.  This CNN Belief Blog post illustrates the situation the Church faces there.

This CNN Belief Blog post opens up sides of C.S. Lewis hidden from public view.  The man was human, very human,


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