Stories I’ve Found, 11/15/2013


Interesting stories I’ve found:

The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, gives the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops an “examination of conscience” in his address to them this week.

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” Billy Honor gives us a provocative post about the state of veterans in this country and how one might respond in faith.  I still don’t understand why our society permits veterans to be homeless.

Pope Francis warns us of the potential distraction of apparitions, especially Mary appearances.  “Look, Our Lady is the mother of everyone. And she loves us all. She is not a postmaster that keeps sending us messages every day.” Another La Stampa article documents that the Pope isn’t opposed to those celebrating the Old Rite.

The Archbishop of Naples says that polluters may not receive communion. A bold stand to be sure, but I’m concerned about all the implications of this: where do we draw the line for responsibility for pollution?

Are Christian Conferences Sexist?  Check the numbers out for yourself: only about 19% of speakers at these evangelical Christian conferences are women.

The ethics of “First person shooter” games are questioned in The Religious Ritual of Call to Duty.

Recovering the Discipline of Hospitality: An Interview with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove  shares stories about what hospitality means to faith, and an ancient spirituality made new.

John Allen gives us his weekly All Things Catholic,  which this week focuses a lot on the state of Christian persecution around the world.

A Papal miracle: Italians are returning to Church in huge numbers.

Michael Sean Winters explores the meaning of the election of the new President and Vice President of the United States Catholic Bishop’s Conference.

David Gibson informs us of the 4 most influential U.S. Catholic Bishops.  I’m cool with 3 of them.

Quantum Physics Proves That There IS an Afterlife.  Robert Lanza’s theory is interesting on the surface, but I’m going to withhold judgement at this time. At least, I’ll have something to say the next time I bloom.

The Light and the Window is an excellent poem by Omid Safi on the nature of God.

Bishop Wester of Salt Lake City visits activists fasting for immigration reform at the National Mall.   We need action on this issue, the sooner the better, although I’m not putting my trust in the “princes” we now have in Washington until proven otherwise.

This year’s most talked about person (according to the Global Language Monitor Survey) on the Internet shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s not a royal, he’s not a traitor and he’s not a public idiot.

The Bishop of Springfield, IL is planning a gay-marriage exorcism in response to the state legislature passing a law permitting it (same sex marriage, not exorcism).  This isn’t The Onion talking; I’m speechless.


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