Stories I’ve Found, 10/25/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found

Pope Francis calls for mutual forgiveness as Catholic and Lutherans strive to come closer.

In Pope Francis Lays Out Four Point Plan, Gregory Erlandson comments the similarity in new attitudes in the beginning of this papacy to previous transitions, and reports 4 characteristics that Cardinal Bergoglio laid out for the next Pope in the General Congregations just before he was elected.

The Church is Not a Shop. If It Doesn’t Bring Jesus It Is Dead.  The Holy Father gives us more good stuff at his audience this week. Robert Christian pulls together some recent Francis quotes on Greed with a little commentary.

God’s Gentle Breeze Blew, Even During the Holocaust.  A powerful tale.

Two problems with child abuse coverups and commentary in the section: “Why is this still happening?” A former diocesan child protection calls out official problems with the Archdiocese of St. Paul and abuse allegations. The Primate of Poland is called out for incredible remarks about pedophilia cases.  On a related topic, Mark Silk compares the German Bishops’ willingness to call each other out and the American Bishops’ unwillingness to.

A Cleveland priest travels with three exonerated Death Row inmates to make the case against Capital Punishment.  Their message is consistent with accounts I’ve read about many Death Penalty trials, complete with racism, inept defense, and prosecution misconduct. The main message is perhaps the most persuasive: the Death Penalty should be abolished because the legal system doesn’t work as it should in the first place.

In Paradise Lost, Anna Nussbaum Keating explores the consequences of separating love and sex. Life is about balance: we can’t spend part of it focused almost exclusively on ourselves, then flip over and become something else. Self interest and self sacrifice have to be in positive relationship with each other throughout our lives.

Here’s a local ecumenical ministry that deserves more notice: the Society of St. Andrew. The practice of gleaning is one that should get more exposure and involvement.

Brian Keaney at the Millennial Journal says Why the Cardinal Newman Society Should Listen to Pope Francis. If the shoe fits. . .

The baptism of Prince George of Cambridge gives us this update on the state of baptism in England. There’s one thing on the list I used to have done: I had the baptismal water heated up.

A program for the homeless in San Francisco: St. Boniface, the sanctuary of sleep.

Melissa Musick Nausbaum tells of the care three senior citizens in her family are getting in Texas. I’ve seen all three situations in my life, and how we spend our last days is something we should think and talk about more.

The Bishop of Bling has been suspended for his extravagance, but the culture of wealth in the German Catholic Church is still a flash point, and a challenge to the proclaimed “Church of the Poor”.  The problem: what do you do with the money you get?

A report about racism in Israel.  These attitudes aren’t unique to that country: there are Catholics in this country over the years who’ve asserted there aren’t any black or non-European Catholics (which is wrong).

The Dalai Lama talks about a weakness of his.  He’s not only human, but also very wise.

What’s it like working for two masters?  Archbishop Georg Ganswein, who is Pope Francis’ Prefect of the Papal Household and lives with and cares for Pope Benedict tells his story about it.

Connor Wood gives us a post almost all of us, theists and atheists, can agree on: A Friendly Reminder: Science Isn’t Reality, Reality is Reality.


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