Stories I’ve Found, 10/11/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found:

Did Pope Francis have a mystical moment right after his election, or did the Scalfali interview get it wrong?  John Allen tells us why the answer can be both “yes” and “no”.

“When we try to impose uniformity, we kill the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Pope Francis speaks about Unity in the Church, and how the Church is like a huge orchestra.  His message to catechists is amazing as well,  and I like the headline: “An injured Church is better than a closed Church.”

Why Pro Life and Pro Choice Advocates Should Find the Common Ground is an excellent post by Kate Gordon. The author is makes a great deal of sense with an attitude that bases itself on Pope Francis call for dialogue.

Brain Pellot interviews Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Northwestern University associate professor of political science on the role of the new U. S. office of religious engagement.  Her points are excellent and thought provoking as we assess our role as Christians in the world, and what our American identity means in this subject.

In Hellish Flashbacks on the Christian Persecution Front, Terry Mattingly asks why more American Christians aren’t protesting persecution of Christians around the world. An extraordinarily good question of why we’re wearing blinkers, so to speak.

The United Methodist Church debates offering online communion.  I love my Methodist friends dearly and would offer them this advice: DON’T DO IT!  No church should be a QuikTrip or an

This CNN Belief Blog post previews the new reality series “The Preachers of L.A.” and gives an overview of the theology of the Prosperity Gospel. It’s always interesting to see the other side of the street.

The Synod of Bishops will take up the Pastoral Care of Marriages next year, and revisit the nature of marriage and annulment. La Stampa gives us an overview of the Church’s current position, the question Pope Benedict XVI raised on the matter in 2005, and where Pope Francis could go.

Are you a “Holly Troller”?  This helpful post in the CNN Belief Blog tells how to be a good one.

Buddhism has a “rock star nun”.  I’m going to have to find her recordings.

A view of religious life in Vietnam, and how the state keeps very close tabs on it.

I haven’t ready Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus, however Candida Moss shares five things he got wrong. I know enough about history to know she’s right about what she’s saying.

I wasn’t aware Madonna was studying Islam until now. Omid Safi gives us Four Points About Madonna’s Interest in Islam, and his take is very balanced, fair, and generous. As with everything, we’ll see where this goes.

A list of 12 quips from the most famous Catholic in the country, Stephen Colbert. Enjoy.

On the lighter side and keeping with a trending line, this collection of material from #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook is worth a smile or two. ()

I think my favorite is The Reduced Cost of Discipleship and my irreverent contribution would be The Unrated Confessions of Saint Augustine.


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