Stories I’ve Found, 10/4/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found:

He’s done it again: Pope Francis gives an amazing interview with La Repubblica and it’s here. This La Stampa piece on the Tuesday homily at the Santa Marta amplifies a key point. This quote from Pope Francis, himself quoting Pope Benedict XVI is telling:  “The Church does not grow through proselytism but through witness.”

John Allen gives us the story on a major difference between Pope Francis’ approach to Vatican appointments and his predecessor’s. It’s not a qualitative difference, but a difference of where the candidates come from in the Curia.

A poll of American Catholics gives Pope Francis a 2/3 approval on his assertion the Church has been obsessed with sexual issues, and his overall rating is 96% positive.

Meghan Clark gives us a deep reflection on Matthew 25 in Would You Deny Jesus Food Stamps (Remix)

Cardinal Donald Wuerl gives us an excellent reflection on St. Vincent de Paul in Caritas.

From the other side: The Theology of Government Shutdown: Christian Dominionism. It makes sense, but I don’t know how many in Congress really embrace this. I didn’t surely know Sen. Todd Cruz is the PK of a Charismatic preacher.  After reading this, my reaction is What Would Ayn Rand Do?

Mark Silk weighs in on the real agenda of Sen. Cruz, et al. I would ask what the point of changing just one political party would be, particularly if that party would be unable to win future elections.  Perhaps they could pass an Enabling Act where the Democrats would vote themselves out of existence.

Jonathan Merritt shares Three Reasons the American Church Ignores Persecution. He’s pretty much right on all three points, especially the point that we inflate our own sense of persecution to the point it eclipses what’s happening in other countries. Our lives aren’t in real danger; theirs are.

Leah Libresco shares some excellent insights on the morality of chemical and drone warfare, calling on some great sources from the Civil War and World War 1.

From Grief to Grace is the story of the wife of the man who shot the Amish schoolchildren in 2006. It’s a remarkable story of faith and recovery.

What Do Millennials Really Seek From Religion? This article says that young adults who have a friendship with an older member of their religious community is more likely to stay than one that doesn’t. The implications of this on how we should be doing individual ministry are striking.

Mark Silk shares some interesting history from the 12th Century in this post. Adrian IV was also interesting in hearing the real story from people unafraid to tell him, and some of the commentary has interesting echos for today.

Advice St. Bernard of Clairvaux had for the Pope of his time may not only be good advice for the current Pope, but us as well.

Billy Graham Taught Christians New Ways is a recollection of the great preacher’s ministry by longtime University of Chicago scholar Martin Marty.

This lyric reflection on Earth as an Angel draws on a lot of Eastern imagery from Islam, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism. A wonderful read.

Sinéad O’Connor tells Miley Cyrus quite bluntly that Getting Naked and Licking Sledgehammers Will Destroy You.  The language is very frank and a bit obscene, but Sinéad makes an excellent point that extends to how all women present themselves to the world. Anything that makes a human being into a commodity destroys the human dignity of both seller and buyer, period. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t your friend and shouldn’t work for you.

According to the Associated Press, Miley has responded by mentioning her older colleague’s history of mental illness.  If Miley’s sane, count me out of sanity. 


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