Stories I’ve Found, 9/20/2013


Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

Pope Francis gave a remarkable interview covering many topics published in America magazine.  In it, he unpacks some of his previous statements, response to criticisms, and reinforces the themes of his pontificate.

John Allen reviews the first six months of Pope Francis,  and says more in this interview with La Stampa

Pope Francis speaks to the priests of Rome, assuring them that “. . .sanctity is stronger than scandals.”  He speaks of the Church treating wayward members like a mother who never gives up on her children.  This article thinks that although the honeymoon is over, Pope Francis isn’t someone to bet against.

Yes, the Navy Yard Shooter Was a Bhuddhist is a post exploring the implications of violent individual has on the religion he embraces.  This essay on preconceptions is very illuminating.

Millennial: Young Catholics, An Ancient Faith, A New Century  is an online Catholic magazine featuring the work of young writers that I’ve found provocative and informative. The provide some great quotes from time to time, and the authors disagree with one another from time to time. No Family Is An Island is a post by Robert Christian about raising children.  I think the standards he shares and the difficulty parents have raising children in a climate adverse to healthy human values are well expressed without an accompanying agenda of isolation and judgement.

Changing perceptions: is the Millennial generation the most victimized in recent memory? Alex Henderson presents 10 Reasons Millennials Are Screwed.

Jamie Manson articulates something about multigenerational dialogue I think all Catholics need to consider, and not just progressives.  I’m glad the need for the generations to create places of contact is hitting the radar, following through and finding places to interact is a great challenge.

This horror story about the death of a professor living in poverty is bad enough, to know she worked for a Catholic institution that paid no attention to her well being is even more difficult.

Fred Clark tells the history of American interpretation of Scripture for and against slavery to highlight the basic problem of Biblical Literalism.

This letter to parents who bring their children to church reflects the views I have.

Sr. Jeannine Gramick speaks on space for gay Catholics in this interview with Michael O’Loughlin.

The upcoming movie 12 Years a Slave will present the best and worst of religion.  Will have to see this one when it comes out

Should Christians Mind How Babies Come to Be? Agnes Howard presents a different viewpoint on how pregnancy, and surrogacy in particular, are viewed by society today, offering a positive path.

Richard Lindsey reveals the theological hazards of Bad Christian Art.

Bill Tammeus contemplates and questions the Whac-a-mole idea of Hell.  I agree that working out what heaven is and getting there is much more important than figuring out the exact nature of Hell and avoiding it. No one gets sent to Hell accidentally, anyway.

Megachurches have been embracing a new trend: multiple campuses rather than bigger buildings.  In some ways, this looks like small scale denominational organization to me.


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