Stories I’ve Found, 9/13/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

Pope Francis continues to push boundaries of recent perception with this message: The Church is a Mother.  “We all participate in the motherhood of the Church.”  Like many things he’s said, it’s really nothing new or controversial within the Church, but he’s doing quite a job at putting ideas on the radar, I think.

What is a Just War? David Gibson offers an analysis that summarizes Just War arguments for and against intervening in Syria, and whether this contradiction means the doctrine doesn’t hold water.

Jonathan Merritt interviews Logan Mehl-Laituri, a soldier who went from being active status in the military to a conscientious objector after a tour of duty in Iraq.  He has some good thoughts to share on the nature of conflict and God’s vision of peace.

Terry Mattingly unpacks the false promise of the iPhone in Apple, iSacraments and This Lonely Age.  I see public self-absorption almost every time I go on campus, and was almost lynched at a High School retreat when I told everyone to turn their cell phones off.

Words of God in Women’s Voices: Women reciting the Qur’an in Public is a post by Omid Safi about this controversial issue in Islam. His viewpoint is what most intelligent people would have, including me.

The rehabilitation of Liberation Theology seems to be taking hold, which is a very good thing.

Leah Libresco gives a very personal account of handling the Chalice with the Blood of Christ. Her words are worth pondering.

Jonathan Merritt gives us a survey of the evolution of the American Family in Prime Time Television in: From Full House to Modern Family: Ten Shows that Forced Us to Reimagine the American Family.

Check out the Whispers in the Loggia post for 9/11 for a full text of Pope Benedict XVI’s prayer at Ground Zero on 9/11/2008.  They also have the text of Pope Francis’ address to the refugees at Lampuseda, and another post on 9/11/13 that tells the story of how Archbishop Egan’s return home from a Roman meeting after the tragedy promoted the Archbishop of Buenos Aires to take his place, bringing Cardinal Bergoglio into the Church’s spotlight.

On the CNN Belief Blog, Nathan Lean documents how Since 9/11, Islamophobia (is) Legislated and Enforced.

Tom Erich provides some very caustic commentary on contemporary society in Somebody Else’s Problem.  Although I think he goes too far, I do think the trend to move the responsibility for society’s problems to others is a very real and disturbing movement that’s been going on for a long time, a truly “Pontius Pilate” approach.

Can People Live Well in Their 90s and Be Happy Too?   Tom Gallagher explores this and outlines some commonalities of healthy nonagenarians.

Another “what’s going on here?” story: blind people in Iowa can legally carry firearms. I wouldn’t repeat the acronym for the state I learned when I lived there.


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