Stories I’ve Found, 9/6/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

Bryan Bergheof, the Pub Theologian, shares an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King’s sermon against the Vietnam War, given on April 30. 1967. Bryan wanted everyone to read it today even if they read nothing else; King’s message has some resonance with our foreign policy today, and is something we need to read and ponder in this time of trouble.

Christian voices from the Middle East are featured in this release from the Catholic News Service.  The head of the Franciscan custody of the Holy Land has some profound comments at the end of the article, including: “It’s not always a war of religion, but that of power.”

Daniel Burke breaks down the religious divides in Syria in this overview.  The spectre of ethnic cleansing he surfaces complicates the issue: in a way, no one should win.

La Stampa gives us a detailed biography of the new Vatican Secretary of State, Archbishop Pietro Parolin.

The Vatican and Liberation Theology have made peace, according to another La Stampa article.  The article details the history of the conflict within (including a secret 1984 document from the Vatican to President Ronald Reagan) and the reissue of a book in Italian co-authored by the current head of the CDF, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Műller and Gustavo Guttierez, main Liberation theologian.

David Gibson shares stories of Pope Francis’ “cold call” ministry, including reaching out to a pregnant single mother who wants her baby baptized.

The Copts of Egypt still look forward in hope, and refuse the label “persecuted.”

Joseph A. McCartin shares the history of U.S. religious denominations and the struggle for Minimum Wage in this brief article.

Christian Piatt shares 10 Things Christians Should Say More Often.

Launching this week: the NALT Project–Not All (Christians Are) Like That.  This website promotes positive Christian attitudes toward different sexual orientations.

An article with some interesting statistics on religious diversity in the workplace and how business is responding to it.

David Hayward makes an interesting point in his post: Why Miley Cyrus Matters.  His idea that how we treat a situation like the MTV escapade IS the same as we treat a world situation (or any other situation) is well taken.  Our cultural need to stake out the moral high ground for ourselves in every situation needs to be reconsidered, most definitely.

A Titusville, FL man killed three of his neighbors at a Labor Day cookout, and says he shouldn’t be tried, citing the “Stand Your Ground” law and the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive attack in the face of potential threat.  Is this really the kind of country we want to be living in?

Some great information on a little known sect within Judaism: the Karaites. They reject Rabbinical Judaism and the Talmud.

Barbara Nicolosi shares her thoughts On Hollywood Finding the Bible Again.  I’m not looking forward to Russell Crowe playing Noah.


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