Stories I’ve Found, 8/23/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

The Gaspar Virtual Spiritualty Center is open for business.  I’ve been working on this project for the past few months, and we’ll have readings and videos to talk about the founder of our community, St. Gaspar del Bufalo and how his spirituality can help us deepen our faith.  In the fullness of time we’ll have spiritual direction and other things available.  Check it out.

Erin Wathen gives us her take on Fr. Patrick Dowling’s appearance at the crash site in Center, Missouri.

Marc Barnes describes 2 Ways Catholic Charity is Bizarrely Unlike American Charity.  His take is on the money, and it’s important to remember the difference.

Pope Francis puts it very bluntly: Faith and Violence Are Incompatible.

John Dear shares Gandhi’s Scripture Readings for Peace.  Included are Matthew 5-7, which he meditated on daily, and a challenging passage from the Bhagavad Gita about the nature of selfish desire.

How Do People Forgive a Crime Like Murder?   This BBC story reports on the families who lost loved ones to brutal murders, and their journey in the years after.

Jordan Monge interprets the recent survey correlating intelligence and atheism more socialization away from belief instead of intelligence naturally rejecting it. I think he’s on to something, although I believe the recent survey it discusses has to be suspect (why survey isn’t until you find out what it asked and who it asked?).

Probing the nature of Darwin’s Doubt.  Jonathan Merritt interviews Stephen Meyer about his book, and the scientific evidence that raises questions about the theory of Evolution from a scientific basis. Some of the doubts about the Theory of Evolution go back to Darwin himself.

Connor Wood has a post on the Science on Religion blog that brings the difference between Science and Religion into exceptional focus: Steven Pinker: Stop Bashing Religion, It’s Hurt Science.

Will changing sentencing guidelines positively affect the war on poverty? The Catholic Campaign for Human Development looks at this issue, as reported by Michael O’Loughlin in America Magazine.

The Ignatian Network has a new series of videos on YouTube about Gays in the Catholic Church. Challenging stuff indeed.

Pastor Rick Henderson calls out Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen on the Prosperity Gospel.  I’m not with him on everything, but the Prosperity Gospel is an inversion of authentic Christianity.

James Wellman talks about 10 ways meaning helps us. Yes, it’s another list, however the author has some good common sense (and counter cultural) ideas to share.

Is Hookup Culture Really a Myth?  Adam Mitchell reports on a recent study that indicates this may be true, but probes it deeper for a conclusion that hasn’t changed in 20 years, one that should give us pause.

Italian monks have taken up brewing as a means of evangelization.  Way to preach it, guys.

Michael Sean Winter gives us a lovely reflection on the nature of receiving the Eucharist via the Most Beautiful Words in the World.

Is God an Angry Ogre?  The Presbyterians opened this debate by removing the hymn “In Christ Alone” from their hymnal, and a Baptist editor picked up on it.

The Pub Theologian picks up the conversation on Substitutionary Atonement.  This is not how I would describe my view of Jesus on the Cross, or the nature of Salvation for all.  The idea of a bloodthirsty God that would require such an act is inconsistent with the God of Infinite Love, but it’s important to work through the issues together, even with folks we don’t agree with. Now, which pub are we discussing this at?

Alice Cooper talks about his faith.   He’s definitely not living his stage persona.

Did Craig Ferguson figure out Why Everything Sucks?   You tell me.

Chad Thomas Johnston takes us through the Fast Food Funeral Procession and wonders how he might seek higher things.


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