Stories I’ve Found, 7/19/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

In the wake of the Treyvon Martin case, this article from the Tampa Bay Times yields some disturbing consequences of “Stand Your Ground” laws; I was shocked to hear people are provoking confrontation in order to justify shooting the unarmed, and not being prosecuted.

Would Jesus say: “Stand Your Ground”? Mark Silk offers some thoughts where Jesus would stand on this topic.

Jonathan Merritt punctures some myths about America’s post-racist reality.

Sandro Magister offers this assessment of Pope Francis’ papacy so far, highlighting continuity and divergence, success and failure.  Carol Glatz of Catholic News Service talks about the Pope who won’t be pigeonholed. John Allen punctures some of the hype around papal reform, pointing out that not everything is a sign of change.

The Public Religion Research Institute has some new figures about how perceptions of how well capitalism is working, and what they’re religious orientation is.  At the end, is a paragraph that puts religious orientation (progressive/conservative) and the role of government in helping the poor together.

Not all Atheists are alike; the CNN Belief Blog gives us a handy guide to 6 different kinds of Atheism.

A meditation on the Jewish holiday of Tish B’Av, the destruction of the Temple, and how it’s commemorated in a positive way today without a call to rebuild it.

For those of you who think following the Pope on Twitter would give you time off purgatory or deliver you from Hell, Fr. James Martin, S. J. clears up some misunderstandings.

This picture from Mecca shows how commercialism is making inroads around the world.  If I were Muslim, I’d be offended by this.


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