Stories I’ve Found, 5/31/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

Tony Magliano reminds us that there has been no recent work by U.S.Catholic Bishops on a Theology of Peace since their groundbreaking letter of 30 years ago. It’s long overdue, and it’s time we talked about more than weapons systems in seeking a lasting peace on Earth.

The prominent author and sociologist Fr. Andrew Greeley passed away yesterday, and this article points us toward an episode of Phil Donahue show  that discussed priest pedophilia in 1993, when the nationwide scandal first broke.

Does God control the weather?  David Henson gives us an interesting essay on God’s power and how God’s omnipotence functions as he discusses the nature of natural disasters.

Christian Piatt unpacks some myths about marriage and its effects that still confound us today. In spite of changing values, we still see marriage as the cure for sexual ills and forget that signing a license doesn’t automatically make everything right. 

Tim Suttle has some insightful remarks in What Our Words Tell Us: David Brooks on the Rise of Individualism.  He has stones to throw at both left and right, big and small government advocates, and for the most part, I think he’s right.

Check out the post “Every Bush Is Burning” on Brian Berghof’s Pub Theologian blog: he shares eight qualities for judging whether a spiritual experience is authentic that are very helpful. It is always a challenge to determine whether God is talking to us or an extension of our Ego.

You Gotta Be Kind to be Cruel  is another post by Leah Libresco on the nature of cruelty and how one has to give up part of their humanity to be cruel. The quotes she brings in are excellent and stimulating.

This article from Religion News Service reminds us that the coalition for Religious Freedom has significant internal differences.  Alliances are always hard to maintain, and it’s always a challenge, at least, to stay true to your identity and purpose while being part of a larger alliance.

GetReligion normally has a problem with how Womanpriest stories are told in the press, and I think they have a point. This recent story has some commentary on the coverage that’s downright amusing.

Pope Francis shares a couple of interesting comments in a letter to an old friend back home. The reason he stays in the Domus Martae makes a lot of sense.

Don’t Give Away the Bride!  by Michelle Arnold talks about two traditions that aren’t part of Catholic weddings. Her theological explanation of why there is no question in the Rite to the Father of the Bride is accurate; if two people don’t freely give themselves to each other, it’s not a valid marriage. Don’t get me started on the myriad superficial sentimentality and commercial racketeering that plays out around weddings.


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