Stories I’ve Found, 4/12/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

John Allen spent a week in Argentina, getting a flavor of what the future of this papacy may be like based on Cardinal Bergoglio’s work in Buenos Aires. His summary is hereGetReligion gave this piece a fairly positive review.

Rabbi Allan Laurie unpacks some basic principles of interpreting Scripture in Is The Bible the Word of God?

Bill Tammeus shares his insights from a lecture by Diane Butler Bass about why the unchurched have left. Her thoughts are very good and worth reflecting on: the most interesting is her statement that Jesus’ critique of organized religion of his day reflects the critique of the unchurched on churches today. By the way, Bill Tammeus’ blog is worth checking out Monday through Saturday in general.

Enuma Okoro takes us through a personal journey of pain and healing in On Being “Punk’d” by God.

Some folks are mulling the return of an old CNN show Crossfire, and it’s not really a bad idea if they do it without an audience to play to.  I really like an idea within this article for a different show called Ceasefire, where two people of differing viewpoints work toward a common ground. That would be something we should be doing more of, anyway, and would be Christian to boot.

Melissa Stefan reports The Main Reason for Declining Church Attendance: Children’s Sports?  From my experience, I would say a big YES, and go on to say that Sports culture has become the dominant religion for the majority of Americans, if not the only one. Children’s sports surely get far more attention and demand far more primary commitment than they should.

U. S. Catholic did a survey What Makes a Parish Worth Sticking Around?  We are definitely living in an age where folks shop for a church, something I’ve found borne out by my experience. I found it interesting that the most important factor in how people chose a parish was the quality of the liturgy, and good music got 60%.

Fr. Eric Andrews has a very different day job: Hollywood producer. He’s a Paulist who runs Paulist Productions.

This is nothing directly to do with theology, but these fun facts about beer are worth it. A lot of old monasteries brew beer: that’s the connection.


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