Stories I’ve Found, 1/25/2013

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

A new survey indicates most evangelicals feels religious liberty is at risk in the United States, but also want Judeo-Christian standards to dominate.  Reminds me of several stories where people want change, like themselves getting power, while wanting them to stay the same, like themselves keeping power indefinitely.

Lance Armstrong’s Confession: This Your Ego On Steroids  reflects on how the culture of ruthless self promotion has affected our country. Boy, do we need to do some work on ourselves: if you want to know what’s destroying our country’s moral fabric, here it is.

The Catholic Church has weighed in on gun control.  Needless to say, they’re not in favor of everyone arming themselves.

A Buddhist heartland in India is threatened by the construction of several dams. Tawang is a border region near China and Butan. It’s an example of how commerce claims primacy over faith, although commerce usually describes it as “progress”.

Dr. Edward Peters, who teaches canon law at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, unpacks some of the intricacies of excommunication from the Catholic Church. He does a good job clearing up some “urban legends” about the Catholic Church and how it operates.

Pope Benedict XVI has offered some thoughts on Social Media.  Archbishop Claudio Celli makes an important point in the midst of this article: “I knew my mother and father loved me not because they showered me with solemn declarations, but because they let me experience first-hand what it means to be loved.”

Alex Knapp complied a list of Eight Great Fictional Non-Violent Heros on the Forbes blog. Leah Libresco mentioned this post on her blog, and I’m impressed. Jean Valjean makes the list, as does Surak from Star Trek; see if you recognize all of them (I didn’t).

A very little known story about a Japanese diplomat who saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis during World War II.  This guy deserves more recognition than he’s gotten.

If you’re curious about which cities in our country are the least Bible minded, here’s a report and slideshow for you.  And if you want to go farther and see which are the most Bible minded, there’s a link. Spoiler: Springfield MO made number six on that list, but they chose a most unflattering picture to represent the town (they surely deserve better!)

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