Stories I’ve Found, 11/16/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

Pope Benedict XVI makes some excellent observations about the nature of faith. Faith isn’t just an intellectual proposition, and this idea is more striking coming from a career theology professor.

Mark Silk believes the U.S. Catholic Bishops embarrassed themselves at their Baltimore meeting this week.  I’ll leave the decision to you whether he’s right, although I find his observations about their endorsement of Dorothy Day’s sainthood cause interesting. I would definitely vote someone into sainthood who said: “I am not a saint, I do not want to be dismissed so easily” without hesitation if they truly were one.

An article about military might in the Old Testament. I have never read an analysis on the nature of ancient Israel’s army like this: it’s something else and very challenging.

GetReligion’s insight on Red-State American In Her Natural Habitat is a largely positive review for an article that appears in the Washington Post. Both are worth reading and reflecting on no matter what our political orientation is. If we have any hope of working together, we must try to see reality for what it truly is together.

I found GetReligion’s essay What We Do, Why We Do It to be an excellent statement of purpose.  More of us should have attitudes like this about what we read, in fact, our radar should be on even if we’re reading material we agree with, so we can try to keep from deceiving ourselves.

I’m a fan of unusual music, and I find Björk’s new song, Mutual Core, impressive, and not just because it’s a pop song with a pipe organ part.

The Big Texas Tip on Hosting a Stylish Baptism is so far over the top, it’s amazing. The advice for godmothers is just priceless.

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