Stories I’ve Found, 10/5/2012

Interesting stories I’ve found lately:

A thought provoking story about the book of Esther: Eating with the Enemy.  The book of Esther usually doesn’t get a lot of analysis, but it should in these days

How is the Bible trustworthy? Roger Olson has some edifying thoughts on the topic.

Leah Libresco poses an interesting question: Who Can Blaspheme?  The column is very thought provoking, as are some of her other columns around this topic, and I think I’ll have to start reading Leah more often.

The Lama who didn’t want to be.  The story of this young man’s life journey is an unfinished one, but it’s an interesting one so far and I’m willing to see where it goes, which could take a while with this young man. Which is all right: I didn’t embark on my current journey until I was 38.

Warning! Mixing Theology, Canon Law and Ink is Difficult. Tell me about it: “difficult” is an understatement! Can you distinguish between sacramental theology and canon law? Most folks I know wouldn’t want to, but this article illustrates a real problem when you get experts from two different disciplines with two different standards talking about a complicated topic. And they’re not even running for public office against each other.

Paul Rudnick published a cute little fantasy Newsflash: Mrs. Christ Tells All. It’s good to have a laugh now and then about serious topics, but if you’re easily offended, you may not want to go here.


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